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Last Updated on 01/01/2023

Lancome is not cruelty free. It still tests on animals in 2023. Lancome is not vegan-friendly either. Its products contains animal-sourced ingredients. The luxe beauty brand is also not a vegetarian brand.

Brand Overview

Testing of Finished Products?Likely
Ingredient or raw materials testing?Possibly
Testing by the brand itself?Likely
Third-party lab or supplier testing?Probably
Made in China?No
Sold in China?Yes

Started as a brand with a handful of boutique fragrances, Lancome now entertains countless silver screen divas to the bounty of confident makeup wearers. From Emma Watson and Penelope Cruz to Kate Winslet… fan-following of Lancome is never-ending. Don’t you too drool over the newest launches of Lancome?

I have used Lancome in the past. To be exact, someone gifted me Lancome products way back. So I’ve some personal experience with this luxury brand.

Named as a philanthropic brand offering education and freedom to thousands of needy women, Lancome’s charitable work is one of its plus points. 99% of the roses used in Lancome products are organically sourced. But is this brand truly cruelty-free, clean, ethical, and biodiversity-friendly?

I wish Lancome was equally committed to the welfare of the innocent animals on which it runs merciless cosmetic testing. My two cents about Lancome and its true cruelty status!

Is Lancome Cruelty Free & Vegan?

Lancome not cruelty free

Lancome – Past & Present

1935 – Beautiful forest of Lancosme of La Brenne, France inspired the founders of Lancome. The 2 Frenchmen Guillaume D’Ornano and Armand Petitjean created the boutique fragrance brand Lancome in 1935.

The brand debuted at The Brussels International Exposition in Belgium. It began with 5 luxury perfumes – Tendre Nuit, Bocages, Conquete, Kypre, and Tropiques.

The instant success made the owners venture into the skincare territory. That’s how the famous Lancome Nutrix cream saw the daylight the following year. Soon, the brand expanded outside France and entered European countries.

1964 – L’Oreal acquired Lancome in 1964. Another brand, right in the L’oreal basket. The parent company helped Lancome to enter and establish itself as a luxury brand.

The main credit for Lancome’s huge popularity goes to the word-of-mouth publicity by its satisfied customers from the beginning days.

Currently – Currently Lancome has flagship stores all over the world and a top-class research team with 2 Nobel-winning works.

Lancome Animal Testing Policy

Lancome’s official cruelty policy is non-existent. In the past, Lancome had a section on its website called Commitment to Product Safety. There it made claims about being cruelty-free. Although its so-called ‘promise’ against cruelty was a bluff, it doesn’t exist anymore.

The luxury beauty brand is now more focused on bringing the limelight to its sustainability measures. Lancome and L’Oreal highlight how they care for ‘plants’, recycling, and the environment. No mention of animals or veganism whatsoever.

If we don’t talk about animal testing, people will forget it. Out of sight, out of mind approach, it’s. How smart, we should learn a thing or two.

Lancome animal testing policy

Cruelty Free Timeline

1935 – Lancome was never true towards its actual animal testing policies. There is not much information about their cruelty-free status before getting acquired by cosmetic giant L’Oreal.

1964 – However, after the big merger in 1964, Lancome followed L’Oreal’s way. It adapted to L’Oreal’s animal testing policy. It allows laboratory-based animal testing in the name of safety as per the need.

Currently – To this date, Lancome is not a cruelty-free brand. It makes statements about sustainability and biodiversity protection. However, we didn’t see any activity of withdrawal from the Chinese market where animal testing is widely performed.

Is Lancome cruelty free?

Lancome is not cruelty free. Neither Lancome nor its parent company, L’Oreal is cruelty-free. Under the umbrella of L’Oreal, Lancome does supply its products for animal testing to get into the lucrative Chinese consumer market.

So Lancome perfumes are not cruelty free or vegan. I often get asked about perfumes specifically. Ain’t that the signature Lancome product?

As we all know, China never allows imported cosmetics and perfumes to the shelves of offline shops until they pass the ‘safety’ test run on animals.

Brands like Lancome have to even bear the cost of the laboratory tests. This is why PETA decides to put a warning sign against Lancome to make people aware of its original cruel status.

Lancome does animal testing because;

  • No cruelty-free certifications, neither PETA-approved nor Leaping Bunny approved.
  • Sells in countries where animal testing is mandatory by law, such as China.
  • Funds for those cruel testing from its own pocket.
  • Doesn’t mention cruelty-free or testing on its official site.
Is Lancome cruelty free

Is Lancome vegan?

Lancome is not a vegan brand. So Lancome foundation and moisturizer creams are also not vegan.

We have set two conditions to tag a brand as vegan-friendly. The first is non-animal sourced ingredients followed by the brand’s cruelty-free status.

Even if a brand prepared its product using 100% vegan ingredients, its animal testing policy harms numerous innocent animals without a cause. Any brand that fails in any or both of these two criteria goes straight to our ‘not vegan’ category.

To be exact, Lancome fails in both. Round of applause, please.

It does have certain items containing animal-sourced ingredients. Moreover, Lancome does abide by the rules of animal testing when it is a mandate for safety tests in countries like China.

Does Lancome still test on animals?

Yes, Lancome still tests on animals. It was never a cruelty-free brand. When a company says it doesn’t test on animals generally refers to testing done by others on its behalf. So being cruelty-free and not tested on animals are different terms.

Is Lancome made in China?

No, Lancome products are not made in China. As per the official information on the labels, Lancome is not manufactured in China.

Most of its products get manufactured at cosmetic labs in France. Few of its products do get prepared elsewhere but Lancome does not specify clearly where these locations are.

Lancome products get sold in China as imported items; not country-made items.

Lancome perfume bottle

Is Lancome sold in China?

Yes, Lancome sells its products in China. In fact, Lancome is one of the bestsellers brands in China. Luxe makeup and beauty lovers are plenty in China. They do adore the exotic fragrances and makeup goodies from Lancome.

On Lancome’s official website you’ll find a store locator. If you just search for China, many official store locations will pop up. Most of them are in Mainland China where animal testing is a must for imported brands like Lancome. Do I need to say more?

Who owns Lancome? Is the parent company cruelty-free?

L’Oreal owns Lancome. Its parent company is also not cruelty-free or vegan. I’ve already covered who owns Lancome and its parent company’s ethical practices in detail.

Do we recommend Lancome?

No, I can’t recommend cruelty-driven Lancome to anybody seeking clean and green beauty brands for a sustainable future.

Lancome does tests on animals under the claim of ‘required by law’. Its parent company L’Oreal also sell its product in China. They also fund animal testing on its products whenever asked by law enforcement authorities anywhere.

Lancome fragrance

Skincare Brands to Avoid

These brands are not cruelty-free and still participate in animal testing.

Cruelty Free Dupe of Lancome

  1. Lancôme Drama Mascara

Switch to Too Faced popular Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara and you’ll forget about Lancôme mascara. The Too Faced one separates your lashes and gives the exact amount of drama without spidery clumps. It will give you fuller-looking lashes. The best part is that the formula is available in a non-flaky waterproof version as well!

  1. Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Cream SPF 30

Paula’s Choice RESIST Super-Light is the best cruelty-free alternative for the Rénergie Lift Ultra Face Cream. It rehydrates and protects your skin from free radical damage. Has all the benefits of mineral sunscreen with SPF 30. It is skin-friendly and has the environment-safe ingredient zinc oxide. This cruelty-free day cream gives you oil-free radiant skin all day long!

  1. Tonique Confort Hydrating Facial Toner

Enriched with black cumin, and neem extracts Sunday Riley Martian Mattifying Gel is an all-in-one skin rejuvenation. To be honest, I didn’t like its smell. But it made my skin feel good without any greasiness. Having combination skin means I get to experience oily tanks in summer and dry deserts in winter. And I dislike that icky oily feeling so much.

Talking about toner, it is made from sustainable resources that are completely cruelty-free and environment-friendly. The antioxidant-rich toner prevents premature signs of aging and fine lines. Use this with Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment for better results!

  1. Teint Idole Ultra Foundation

Loved by many celebrity makeup artists, the Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation by Urban Decay gives you solid coverage with the lightest feel. The formula is 100% cruelty-free, unlike Lancome’s Teint Idole foundation. The formula is on the matte side and that’s what enhances the stay time. Be it a bridal job, a TV makeup, or just an office party, Illamasqua is here for a photo-perfect look!

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