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L’Oreal owns CeraVe in 2023. It acquired the drugstore skincare brand, CeraVe in 2017. Tom Allison is one of the co-founders of the cosmetic company. Cerave was officially introduced in the US market in 2006.

CeraVe is a popular name in the skincare industry. As someone who loves animals and beauty, I have already covered the vegan, sustainability, and cruelty-free status of CeraVe here. Let’s find out more about this non-cruelty-free company.


Parent CompanyL’Oreal
HeadquartersNew York, USA
Country of OriginUS
Countries sold in40 countries
Parent Company Cruelty-FreeNo
Parent Company VeganNo

Who Owns CeraVe? Is the Parent Company Cruelty-Free?

All thanks to L’Oreal Group, CeraVe now sells in over 40 countries. Tom Allison co-founded Cerave in 2005 when researchers joined forces with dermatologists. It led to the origin of the drugstore brand, CeraVe in 2006.

History of CeraVe

2005: CeraVe started its journey in 2005 with just 3 dermatologists formulated skincare products: a cleanser, moisturizer & cream…

These were all for CeraVe’s initial product catalog. Cerave wanted to stun people with filler-free skincare formulas with ceramide.

2006: CeraVe officially launched in 2006 and started its journey as a new beauty brand in the US market.

Tom Allison, the co-founder of Cerave, worked with dermatologists and researchers. Its products were instantly loved by people, especially by the online communiy

Initially, Reddit’s skincare forums brought this brand to light. People with sensitive skin started threads after threads to praise this brand.

Eventually, CeraVe started expanding its basic skincare line to include sunscreens, niacinamide range, salicylic acid range, etc. 

Currently: CeraVe is one of the fastest-growing drugstore skincare lines in the US. Dermatologists all over the country adore and recommend this brand from drugstores.

Who is CeraVe owned by?

Cerave is owned by L’Oreal Corporation since its acquisition in 2017. L’Oreal is a huge conglomerate that owns many beauty brands such as Garnier, Lancome, Maybelline, Urban Decay, NYX Cosmetics, Matrix, La Roche-Posay, among others.

Is the Parent Company Cruelty-Free & Vegan?

Cerave’s parent company, L’Oreal is not cruelty-free or vegan. It still tests on animals wherever mandated by law. The product ingredients are also not entirely vegan. Neither L’Oreal nor Cerave is certified by any reputed Cruelty Free Organizations and Vegan Associations.

Who founded CeraVe?

Tom Allison (his Twitter) co-founded Cerave alongside researchers and dermats. Currently, Allison is the Senior Vice President of Marketing of CeraVe. The brand was a hit due to its science-backed skincare at a pocket-friendly price range for consumers.

Who Owns CeraVe

Where is CeraVe made?

Cerave products are made in France. The research and development occur in the US as CeraVe is an American company. But its products are manufactured in France.

Are CeraVe products made in China?

No, Cerave products are not made in China. Rather, Cerave imports its products to China. So although not manufactured there, Cerave is sold in China under the ‘imported products’ tag.

Where is CeraVe sold?

Cerave sells its products across the globe. You’ll find CeraVe products in America, Asia (including Mainland China), the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

That’s a wrap for now. To conclude, I’ll say that Cerave and its owner company lack transparency in ethical practices. I don’t recommend these brands. Instead, go for the cruelty-free and vegan dupes of Cerave which other readers and I love.

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