Who owns Lancome? Is the Parent Company Ethical?

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Last Updated on 05/23/2023

L’Oreal owns Lancome. It acquired the luxury beauty and fragrance brand in 1964. L’Oreal animal testing and ethical practices are questionable.

At a Glance

Parent CompanyL’Oreal
Founded in1935
Parent Company Cruelty-FreeNo
Owner Company VeganNo

Who owns Lancome? Is the Owner Company Ethical?

Lancôme is a part of L’Oreal Luxe. A truly luxurious cosmetic brand that lacks ethical standards. Today, let’s check who is the parent company and where it stands ethically and in terms of sustainability.

We have the series Who Owns What where we dive in deep to check the ethical standards of the brand and its parent company. Recently, we did a hot take on Cetaphil’s parent company.

Brief History – Lancome

1935 – Two Frenchmen Guillaume D’Ornano and Armand Petitjean created the boutique fragrance brand Lancome in 1935.

The brand debuted in Belgium with 5 luxury perfumes – Tendre Nuit, Bocages, Conquete, Kypre, and Tropiques.

1964 – L’Oreal acquired Lancome in 1964. Another brand, right in the L’oreal basket. The parent company helped Lancome to enter and establish itself as a luxury brand.

Currently – Currently Lancome has flagship stores all over the world and a remarkable research team with two Nobel-winning works.

Who Owns Lancome

Who founded Lancome?

Guillaume d’Ornano and Armand Petitjean are the names behind Lancome, the premium subsidiary of L’Oreal. They launched with a few perfumes.

Does Lancome test on animals?

Lancome does test on animals. I’ve already talked about Lancome’s animal testing and ethical standards in detail.

Is the Parent Company Cruelty-Free & Vegan?

L’Oreal is the owner company of Lancome and it does test on animals. A huge umbrella company that houses many popular beauty brands. NYX, CeraVe, Garnier, etc to name a few.

Is Lancome Vegetarian?

Lancôme products are not vegetarian. Most of its products contain animal-based ingredients. So Lancome is not a vegetarian-friendly brand.

Is Lancome Eco-friendly?

Lancôme is a luxury brand that is recently putting efforts into being eco-friendly. It is promoting sustainability and focuses on recycling.

Is Lancome Sustainable?

Lancôme launched its Sustainable Program in 2021. It promotes the refill and recycling of products.

Is Lancome Clean?

Lancome is not a clean brand as it contains harsh ingredients such as synthetic fragrance, parabens and more.

The EWG rating for Lancome products go up to 9 i.e. High Hazard. So, Lancome is not a clean brand.

Where is Lancome based?

With Headquarters in Paris, France, Lancôme has been in business for 88 years since 1935.

Where are Lancome products made?

Lancome products, such as Lancome perfumes are made in Paris, France alongside its other manufacturing units, not explicitly mentioned.

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