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Last Updated on 03/09/2022

Cruelty-free cosmetic is something that has not been tested on animals. But then there is more to it, much more. Here is a guide about what is cruelty free in detail. Today’s article is all about the luxury aka premium makeup brands that still test on animals in 2022.

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Why are we so against animal based safety tests?

Testing on animals can be quite harmful to those innocent animals. Their soft furs are shaved off and harmful chemicals are applied on their delicate skin. Tests are often performed on their sensitive ear skin or eye balls. Genetic manipulation is another menace.

Millions of animals lose their life for the sake of a new launch cosmetic. Specifically, rat, bunnies, monkeys, dogs, fishes, among others. And the “fun” fact is, in more than 90% cases these tests don’t lead anywhere. Countries like China even mandate such harmful practices for imported cosmetics.

There is no FDA guideline to determine what is cruelty-free and not. Using this as a loophole, many brands still test on animals. They either test their product ingredients or the finished product. Endless cruelty and euthanasia on animals has become just another marketing strategy for big brands. These top-rated brands rely on animal testing to gain access in the Chinese market.


Highend Makeup Brands that Test on Animals


animal testing


With all that out of the way, let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Chanel

Let’s begin our cruelty myth-busting journey with Chanel. The name of this French brand is well known in the high end makeup arena. Not only the makeup, but its fashion apparels, accessories and also perfumes are quite on the rave. This 1909 found, still agrees to cruelty practices to market their products in Chinese territory.

Many of their product ingredients come from varieties of source countries. Many of the ingredients might go through animal testing phases by supplying companies. Chanel does not make vegan or natural products either. They attach a ‘safe’ tag on each of their products. However, Chanel products do contain parabens, gluten and what not.


Chanel is not cruelty free


2. Dior

Christian Dior aka Dior is a prestigious name in French boutique makeup industry. This beauty & fashion brand operates under Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy or LVMH. The large luxe beauty group LVMH is a non cruelty-free brand.

Additionally, LVMH allows its subsidiaries to apply their own testing policy. Dior does not go by the cruelty-free avenue.  Dior makes its products in France. In China, their products sell as ‘imported goods’. It obeys the mandatory cruelty testing policy applied by Chinese government.

It funds for the ‘necessary’ testing. Dior products are gluten free but they are not vegan or paraben free. If you are looking for non-comedogenic makeup, stay far away from Dior.


luxury brands test animals

3. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is one such brand that gave away their cruelty-free status to gear up their money-machine. This Italian fashion & makeup house used to be a cruelty-free makeup manufacturer in the premium range. However, it got acquired by Shiseido in 2016. Shiseido is just another cruelty-fueled brand in the high-end makeup world.

Dolce & Gabbana now imitates the requirement based Chinese animal testing practice like its parent brand. In a recent report by PETA, Dolce & Gabbana’s inside story of animal harming came in the spotlight. A French animal rights group revealed how Dolce & Gabbana’s labs mistreat genetically mutated rabbits to get maximum amount of fur with minimum cost.


luxury makeup brands test animals


4. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is a 1975 established premium beauty and fashion brand. It is named after the world-famous designer, & the founder, Giorgio Armani. Its cosmetic line is not very old. It was introduced in 2000. Now it is functions under the umbrella of cosmetic giant, L’Oreal.

In fact, there are several evidences that reveals its true animal-harming nature. Giorgio Armani Cosmetics too allows testing on innocent animals for the sake of revenue. Giorgio Armani products are not vegan or clean. This brand has a dedicated website for China.

China never allows out of the country products without animals testing. Giorgio Armani products pass through those evil animal tests as well. Which is why, PETA puts this brand in their ‘brands to avoid’ list.

5. Lancome

Once a popular fragrance brand, Lancome is now a well known name in high-end brand in the makeup world. This L’Oreal owned brand does test on animals. Lancome’s official testing policy if full of ambiguous information.

They practically immitate L’Oreal’s animal testing policy under the tag of ‘when required by the law’. The official statement of Lancome says:

‘We at Lancôme do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law.’

They do fund animal testing to catch the alluring market of Eastern Asian countries like China. I know you are in love with Lancome’s amazing mascara. Ditch that for now and try this Pacifica Mascara instead.


Lancome Cruelty free status


6. Makeup Forever

After Lancome, Makeup Forever is another big-shot French makeup brand. Everyone loves their long-lasting formula and superb product selection. Makeup Forever is one of the favorites of makeup artists, media biggies and silver screen stars.

Sorry to break your hearts guys! Makeup Forever is not at all cruelty-free. The testing policy of this Louis Vuitton owned brand seems fishy to the bits. Makeup Forever sells in China as imported brand so it is definitely a cruelty-run brand.

7. Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath is the brainchild of award-winning British makeup artist Pat McGrath. Once among Time’s 100 influential people, Pat McGrath wanted to make the world makeup obsessed through her ‘Golden Revolution’.

However, this Eurazeo owned brand creates deep haze regarding its cruelty testing policy. Pat McGrath does not sell their products in China. It’s not a vegan brand. Also, they don’t test their products on animals on their own.

Naturally, people think this luxe beauty brand is cruelty-free. But sadly, that’s not the case. Pat McGrath used to permit and fund animal testing up till 2017. Then, they silently chopped off the ‘required by law’ clause from their testing policy. Upon asking about the clarity of their policy Pat McGrath denied in-house animal testing.

But, they failed to provide clear answer on ingredient level testing by suppliers. Better to avoid Pat McGrath guys!

8. Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford Beauty is one of Estee Lauder’s topmost cosmetic lines in the premium range. Their color cosmetics are permanent residents of the high-end bestseller range of all the time. For instance, the lip color, eye color and cheek color.

Sadly, this brand does not disclose anything about their testing on their web page. You have to ping them to get your answers. On asking, Tom Ford Beauty will repeat the standard testing policy of Estee lauder. It’s the same old ‘when required by the law’ statement we are talking about.

You’ll find Tom Ford Beauty everywhere in Chinese provinces. So, the conclusion is, Tom Ford Beauty is not a cruelty-free brand what so ever and its not a vegan-friendly brand as well.


Premium Makeup Brands testing on animals


9. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

Yves Saint Laurent and its famous Touche Eclat range needs no introduction at all. This big-shot premium brand is everywhere with its colorful presence. It’s actually a color wizard in the boutique makeup. However, now L’Oreal owned, this beauty brand does not have a vegan logo or a single green flag by any of the cruelty-free certifying organization.

Why? Because, it’s not a cruelty free brand my friend!

YSL says, they do not test on animals and/or encourage others to test their products on animals. Only exception to this is the law of various country governments for ensuring product safety. If you have read till here then you must know what we are talking about.

Yes, you guessed it right! Yves Saint Laurent does sell in mainland China as imported product. That’s the reason we can’t count Yves Saint Laurent among cruelty-free brands.

10. Charlotte Tilbury

Because, Charlotte Tilbury does not make itself crystal clear in terms of their cruelty testing policies any more.For the biggest point of time, Charlotte Tilbury was the resort for cruelty free high-end makeup lovers.

But, now it has secured its place in the grey zone.

Charlotte Tilbury used to sell their products via shopping chain “Little B”. Customers had to make online purchases based on the testers kept at Little B stores. This cross-border purchase scheme was a huge success until some unsatisfied customer filed complaint.

Now, Chinese authority can pull Charlotte Tilbury products off shelf and run post-market safety test on them. This makes Charlotte Tilbury a vulnerable brand to trust in terms of animal testing.

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Luxe Makeup Brands testing animals


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