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Last Updated on 03/28/2023

When starting out on a cruelty free lifestyle, it can get really overwhelming at times. Keeping up with the brands can be difficult. There are constantly new brands adopting ‘no animal testing’ whereas some brands go back to their old roots, unfortunately. Hey there! This is where I rush in with the cruelty free makeup brands list.

Mainstream drugstore makeup brands are often outperforming their premium counterparts. The drugstore brands have done a great job at improvising their formulations. Unfortunately, drugstore makeup still lacks transparency in some major issues.

Majority of the popular drugstore makeup brands (Maybelline for one) still use animal derived ingredients in their makeup. On top of that, they still test their product ingredients and finished products on innocent animals. All just for the sake of gaining global market share. Can you imagine!

From the past decade, more drugstore makeup brands are coming together in this journey of diminishing animal harming tests. Here is the list of drugstore brands offering 100% cruelty-free products in an affordable range.

PS – This article is being updated. We’ll be done shortly.

cruelty free makeup brands

Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands *2023*

Also, if there is any change in the cruelty-free status of a company, edits will be done to keep the list updated. As a result, they’ll be removed or added.


  • Brands marked with (*) asterisk are cruelty-free but owned by parent companies that test on animals. The brands don’t perform any cruelty tests.
  • You can click on the particular brand’s name for more information.
Makeup BrandsParent CompanyCertificationVegan


100% PureNonePETATransitioning to All Vegan
14e CosmeticsNoneLeaping BunnyCompletely Vegan
17BootsLeaping BunnyEntirely Vegan
3INAIndependentPETANot 100% vegan


Aesthetica CosmeticsNonePETA100% Vegan
Afterglow CosmeticsNonePETAVegan
Alphée IndependentLeaping BunnySome Vegan Products
Anastasia Beverly HillsNonePETASome Vegan Options
AnnabelleMarcellePETAOffers Vegan
ArdellAmerican International Industries (AII)NoneSome Vegan Picks
Athr BeautyNonePETAVegan
AuricNoneNoneSome Vegan Options
AustralisHeritage BrandsNoneSome
AvedaEstée Lauder*Leaping Bunny, PETAVegan
AxiologyIndependentPETA100% vegan


bareMineralsOrveonPETAOffers Some Vegan Products
BareFace CosmeticsNonePETASome
BareFaced BeautyNonePETASome Vegan Options
Barry MIndependentPETASome Vegan Options
BeautyCounterCounter BrandsLeaping BunnyOffers Vegan Products
Beauty BakerieNonePETASome Vegan Options
Beauty BlenderNoneLeaping Bunny, PETAOffers Vegan Options
Beauty By StonyIndependentPETAOffers Vegan
Beauty Without CrueltyLotus BrandsLeaping Bunny100% Vegan
BeccaEstee Lauder*PETASome Vegan Options
Bella MarieGlobal Beauty International Leaping Bunny100% Vegan
BellaPierreNoneLeaping BunnySome Vegan Options
Ben NyeNoneNoneSome Vegan Options
Besamé CosmeticsNonePETAOffers Vegan Items
BH CosmeticsRevolution BeautyLeaping Bunny, PETASome Vegan Items
Bili BeautyNoneLeaping Bunny100% Vegan
Bite Beauty (Discontinued)
Black Moon CosmeticsNoneLeaping Bunny, PETA100% Vegan
BlincNonePETANot 100% Vegan
Bossy CosmeticsNoneLeaping Bunny, PETANot Entirely Vegan
Burt’s BeesClorox*Leaping Bunny, PETAHas Vegan Products
Buxom CosmeticsOrveon PETASome Vegan Options
By Beauty BayBeauty BayPETANot Entirely Vegan


Cailyn CosmeticsIndependentLeaping BunnyOffers Vegan
Caley CosmeticsNoneLeaping BunnyOffers Vegan
Caroline’s DreamNoneNoneAvailable
Cate McNabbIndependentLeaping BunnyOffers Vegan
Charlotte TilburyPuigLeaping BunnySome
Chella BeautyNoneNoneOffers Vegan
Chi Chi CosmeticsNonePETAOffers Vegan
Ciaté LondonBrand AgencyPETAAvailable
Clarria CosmeticsNoneNoneSome
CLOVE + HALLOW (Discontinued)
Clover by CloveNonePETA100% Vegan
ColorevolutionNonePETAOffers Vegan
ColourPopSeed BeautyPETAOffers Vegan
Coloured Raine CosmeticsNonePETAOffers Vegan
Concrete MineralsNoneLeaping Bunny, PETA100% Vegan
CORE CosmeticsNoneLeaping BunnyOffers Vegan
Cover FXAS Beauty PETA100% Vegan
COVERGIRLCotyLeaping BunnyOffers Vegan
Crazy RumorsNoneLeaping Bunny, PETA100% Vegan
Creature CosmeticsIndependentNone100% Vegan


Dear DahliaNonePETA100% Vegan
DehiyaIndependentNone100% Vegan
Delight BeautyNoneNone100% Vegan
DIME BeautyNoneNoneSome
Dose of ColorsIndependentLeaping Bunny, PETAAvailable
DuWop CosmeticsIndependentPETASome


Ecco BellaNonePETA100% Vegan
ECO MineralsNonePETA100% Vegan
Elate BeautyNoneLeaping BunnyAll Vegan
ELF CosmeticsTPG GrowthPETAPurely Vegan
Elizabeth MottIndependentPETAAvailable
ElixeryNoneLeaping BunnyAll Vegan
Ellis FaasNonePETAAvailable
EmJNoneNoneAll Vegan
Everyday MineralsNonePETA100% Vegan
Exa BeautyCredoNone100% Vegan
Eye of Horus NoneNoneAvailable
EyekoTHG plc*PETAAvailable


Face AtelierNoneLeaping Bunny, PETASome
Faces CanadaPurpllePETASome
Fairy Girl CosmeticsIndependentNone100% Vegan
Fenty BeautyFenty Corp., Kendo Holdings, LVMH*NoneSomewhat
Feral CosmeticsIndependentPETA100% Vegan
FiOR MineralsIndependentPETA100% Vegan
Flesh BeautyRevlon*NoneSome
Flower BeautyIndependentPETASome
Freck BeautyNoneLeaping Bunny100% Vegan


Gabriel CosmeticsNoneLeaping Bunny, PETASome
GarnierL’Oreal*Leaping BunnyAvailable
Gerard CosmeticsNoneNoneAvailable
GiovanniIndependentLeaping Bunny, PETASome
GlossierNoneLeaping BunnyAvailable
Gosh CosmeticsTjellesenPETASome
Green PeopleNoneNoneSome
GressaNoneLeaping BunnyAvailable
GXVE BeautyIndependentLeaping Bunny100% Vegan


Half Magic BeautyA24NoneVegan
HAN Skincare CosmeticsNoneNoneSome
Haus Labs by Lady GagaCoty*NoneAll Vegan
High Endurance CosmeticsNonePETASome
Honest BeautyNoneNoneSome
Huda BeautyNoneNoneSome
Hurraw!NoneLeaping Bunny, PETAVegan
Hynt BeautyNoneLeaping Bunny, PETASome


ILIAFamille C VentureLeaping BunnyMany Vegan Options
Illuminare CosmeticsTHG plc (The Hut Group)PETAVegan
IT CosmeticsL’Oreal*PETASome


Jane IredaleSan Francisco Equity PartnersPETASome
Jecca BlacNonePETAVegan
Jeffree Star Cosmetics
(PS – Owns Ranch Meat Business)
Johnny ConcertNonePETAAll Vegan
Jordana CosmeticsNonePETASome
Josie Maran CosmeticsNonePETASome
Jouer IndependentLeaping BunnySome
JulepAS BeautyPETASome
Juvia’s PlaceNonePETASome


Katherine CosmeticsNonePETASome
Kester BlackNoneLeaping Bunny, PETA100% Vegan
Kett CosmeticsMuse BeautyPETASome
Kiko MilanoNoneNoneSome
Kitaka of LondonNoneLeaping Bunny, PETASome
KKW BeautyCoty*NoneOffers Vegan Products
Klarity KosmeticsNoneNoneSome
Koh Gen DoNoneNoneSome
KorresNonePETAOffers Vegan Products
KosasNoneLeaping BunnyOffers Vegan Products
KVD BeautyKendo (LVMH)*PETA100% Vegan
Kylie CosmeticsCoty*NoneOffers Vegan Products


L.A. GirlBeauty 21 CosmeticsPETASome
Lamain BeautyNoneNoneSome
Lamik BeautyNoneNoneOffers Vegan Products
LakmeHindustan Unilever*PETASome
Lauren Brooke CosmetiquesNoneLeaping Bunny, PETAOffers Vegan Products
Lawless BeautyNoneNoneSome
Lethal CosmeticsNonePETAVegan
LH Cosmetics NoneNoneSome Options
Lily LoloNonePETAOffers Vegan Products
Lime CrimeTengram Capital PartnersLeaping BunnyVegan
Lip LabKendo*NoneSome Vegan Options
Live TintedIndependentLeaping BunnyVegan
Loola CosmeticsHybrid Beauty LabsNoneOffers Vegan Products
Lord & BerryNoneNoneSome
Lunar BeautyNonePETASome
Luscious CosmeticsIndependentPETAVegan
LunatiCK Cosmetic LabsNonePETAAll Vegan
Lust MineralsNoneNoneHas Options
LYS BeautyIndependentPETAEntirely Vegan


Mai CoutureIndependentNoneSome
Makeup Addiction CosmeticsIndependentNoneSome
Makeup by Mario NonePETASome
Makeup Geek (Discontinued)
Makeup RevolutionIndependentPETASome
Mally BeautyAS BeautyNoneSome
Marc Jacobs BeautyLVMHPETASome Vegan Products
Maréna BeautéNoneNoneSome
Marie Hunter BeautyNonePETASome
Marie Natie CosmeticsNoneNoneSome
Mellow CosmeticsNoneNoneVegan
Melt CosmeticsIndependentLeaping BunnySome
Mented CosmeticsNoneNoneVegan
MERITNoneLeaping BunnyVegan
MilaniGryphon InvestorLeaping Bunny, PETASome
Milk MakeupWaldencastLeaping BunnyVegan
Mineral FusionBWXLeaping BunnySome
Mineral HygienicsNoneNoneSome
Mo Mi BeautyNoneNoneVegan
MOMMA (Ministry of Mineral Makeup Australia)NonePETAAll Vegan
MOTD CosmeticsIndependentNoneVegan
My Pretty Zombie CosmeticsNoneNoneHas Vegan Options


Nabla CosmeticsNonePETAOffers Some Vegan
Napoleon Perdis CosmeticsNoneNoneOffers Some Vegan
Necromancy CosmeticaNoneNoneVegan
No7BootsNoneOffers Some Vegan
Nomad CosmeticsNonePETAOffers Some Vegan
Nu*e & Noir CosmeticsIndependentNoneVegan
Nui CosmeticsNoneNoneOffers Some Vegan
NVEY EcoNoneNoneHas Some Vegan
NYX CosmeticsL’Oréal*PETAOffers Vegan Picks


OdyliqueNonePETAOffers Some Vegan
OFRA CosmeticsIndependentLeaping Bunny, PETAVegan
Omolewa CosmeticsNoneNoneOffers Some Vegan
OPV BeautyIndependentPETAOffers Some Vegan


PacificaNonePETAEntirely Vegan
Peony CosmeticsNoneNoneOffers Some Vegan
Perfekt BeautySynergy CHCNoneHas Vegan Options
PixiIndependentNoneHas Vegan Options
Pop BeautyIndependentNoneOffers Some Vegan
Profusion CosmeticsNonePETAHas Vegan Options
PUR CosmeticsAstral Health & BeautyPETASome
PYT BeautyIndependentLeaping BunnySome


Rare BeautyIndependentPETAOffers Some Vegan
RCMA MakeupNonePETASome
Real PurityNonePETASome
Red Apple LipstickNoneLeaping BunnyVegan
Revolution BeautyNonePETAOffers Some Vegan
RimmelCoty*Leaping BunnySome
Rituel de FilleNoneLeaping BunnyHas Vegan Options
RMS BeautyHighlander PartnersPETAOffers Vegan
Root (Root Pretty)NoneNoneAll Vegan
Rouge Bunny RougeNoneNoneOffers Some Vegan
Ruba BeautyNoneNoneOffers Some Vegan


Sabreen Cosmetics (On Pause) NonePETAVegan
SaieNoneLeaping BunnyOffers Vegan Options
Saturated ColourNonePETASome
Shanel CosmeticsIndependentNoneSome
Sigma BeautyNonePETAHas Vegan Options
Silk NaturalsNonePETASome
SmashboxEstee Lauder*PETAOffers Vegan Options
Sonia KashukTarget NoneOffers Vegan Options
Spectrum CollectionsNonePETAVegan
StarlooksNoneNoneOffers Vegan Options
StilaEstée Lauder*PETASome
SugarPill CosmeticsNonePETAOffers Vegan Options
SuperdrugA. S. Watson GroupLeaping BunnySome
Suva BeautyNonePETASome
Sweat CosmeticsNoneNoneVegan


Terre Mere CosmeticsNonePETAVegan
The BalmNoneNoneSome Vegan
The Body ShopNatura & CoLeaping Bunny, PETASome
Thrive CausemeticsNoneLeaping Bunny, PETAAll Vegan
ToN CosmeticsNoneLeaping BunnyVegan
Too FacedEstée Lauder*PETAOffers Vegan
Topshop Makeup (Discontinued)
Tower 28NonePETAVegan


Ulta BeautyUltaPETAOffers Vegan Options
Uoga UogaNoneNoneSome
Uoma BeautyNoneNoneSome
Urban DecayL’Oreal*PETAHas Vegan Options


Vapour Organic Beauty (Out of Business)
Velvet 59NoneNoneVegan


W3ll PeopleELF CosmeticsPETAOffers Vegan Options
Wander BeautyNoneLeaping BunnySome
WildMint CosmeticsNonePETAVegan


Yaby Cosmetics NoneLeaping BunnyOffers Some Vegan
Youngblood Mineral CosmeticsLuxury Brands LLCPETASome


Zoella Beauty (Discontinued)
Zoya CosmeticsNoneNoneSome
ZuZu LuxeGabriel CosmeticsLeaping Bunny, PETASome
Zyderma HSNonePETAVegan
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