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Last Updated on 02/07/2023

Let’s check out some fantastic cruelty-free brands owned by Black in honor of Black History Month. Support these brands by adding them to your cart and making them a part of your beauty desk now and beyond.

Cruelty Free Brands Owned By Black

Cruelty Free Black Owned Brands List

Key Points

  • Brands not certified by any authorized organization don’t necessarily imply them to be non-cruelty-free.
  • Many of these brands are sustainable, clean, gluten-free and eco-friendly.
  • Category Column indicates the main category but is not limited to it.
  • These brands are not limited to the US but we have included the UK and Canada-based brands too.
  • Many of these brands are not only Black-owned but also Black Operated.

Here is a list of Cruelty Free Makeup Brands and Skincare Brands if you are curious for more.

Let’s start.

Adwoa BeautyHairNoneOffers some products
AJA NaturalsSkincareNoneOffers some vegan products
SkincareNoneEntirely Vegan
Bask & Bloom EssentialsHair CareNoneHas Vegan Options
Black Girl SunscreenSkincarePETAEntirely Vegan
BriogeoHair CareLeaping BunnyMany Vegan Options
Candy x PaintsNailsLeaping Bunny, PETAVegan
Coloured RaineMakeupPETAMajority of Vegan Options
Dehiya BeautySkincareLeaping BunnyVegan
Doubledown CosmeticsMakeup, Skin CareNoneHas Vegan Products
Dimension NailsNailsLeaping Bunny, PETAVegan
EcoslayHairNoneMany Vegan Products
Elle JohnsonSkincareNoneOffers Vegan
Ellie BiancaSkincareNoneSome Vegan Products
Fenty Beauty (Co-Owned by Rihanna)Makeup, SkincareNoneSome Vegan Picks
Flora & CurlHaircareNoneOffers Vegan Picks
Foxie CosmeticsSkincareNoneVegan
Habit CosmeticsNailsLeaping Bunny, PETAVegan
JACQ’sSkincarePETAEntirely Vegan
Jane Carter SolutionHairPETAVegan
Joséphine CosmeticsMakeupPETAOffers Vegan Products
Juvia’s PlaceMakeupNoneSome Vegan Options
KaikeSkincarePETAOffers Vegan Products
Kreyol EssenceHairLeaping BunnyHas Vegan Options
Kyra’s Shea MedleysSkincareLeaping Bunny, PETAVegan
Lamik BeautyMakeupLeaping BunnyVegan
Laws of Nature CosmeticsMakeupNoneVegan
London GrantSkincareNonePlant-Based With Many Vegan Picks
Lovinah SupernaturalMakeup, SkincareLeaping BunnySome Vegan Options
LUV + Co.MakeupPETASome Vegan Options
LYS BeautyMakeupLeaping Bunny, PETAVegan
Marie Hunter BeautyMakeup, Skincare, HairPETASome Vegan Picks
Mented CosmeticsMakeup, NailsNoneVegan
NaturAll ClubHair CareNoneSome Vegan Options
Nola SkinsentialsSkincareNoneVegan
Novel SkincareSkincareNoneVegan
N*de SugarSkincareLeaping BunnySome Vegan Options
Obia NaturalsHair Care, SkincarePETAVegan
OOO PolishNailsPETAVegan
OrganiGrowHairCoHair, SkincareNoneVegan
Oshun OrganicsHair Care, SkincareNoneVegan
People of Color BeautyNailsLeaping BunnyVegan
Pholk BeautySkincareNoneSome Vegan Products
PiperWaiSkincareLeaping BunnyVegan
Plain Jane BeautyMakeupLeaping Bunny, PETAVegan
Prime Beauty CosmeticsMakeupNoneVegan
Range BeautyMakeupNoneVegan
Ressentir CosmeticsSkincareNoneVegan
Sacha CosmeticsMakeupPETAVegan Choices Available
September Rose CosmeticsMakeupPETAVegan
Taupe CoatNailsNoneVegan
The GlowcerySkincareNoneVegan
The Honey Pot CompanyHygieneLeaping Bunny, PETASome Vegan Options
The Lip BarMakeupNoneVegan
The Wellness ApothecarySkincareLeaping BunnyVegan
True MoringaSkincareNoneVegan
Unsun CosmeticsSkincareLeaping BunnySome Vegan Options
UomaMakeupNoneVegan Choices Available
YaaYaa NaturalSkincareNoneVegan
Yubi BeautySkincareNoneVegan


More brands will be added to this list after being vetted. I wanted this article to be up in February so that they can get the love and support they deserve. This list is regularly revised. If you wanna see any particular brand here, contact us via our email. Same for any other changes. While you’re at it, please keep it respectful. We are humans behind the screen.

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