About Us

Cruelty Free Guide (CFG), as the name suggests, is your go-to guide for everything cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. CFG focuses primarily on cruelty-free ways of living. Be it your makeup, skincare, or anything in between, CFG has your back.


about us


It was founded in October 2018 with the intention to spread awareness regarding the ongoing cruelty practices.


At CFG, we believe, every thought and purchase matters. You don’t necessarily have to be a vegan to shop vegan.
It is always those many first, small steps that count. Shopping ethically and trying to be cruelty-free are equally applaudable. Being considerate about animals is the first step you took, congrats.


Easy! All you got to do is spread the word. No, not about CFG but if you do that, we love you. Spread the talk of animal testing. You might be shocked knowing how many people have straightaway no clue about it. Weren’t we there too once

Try to go for Leaping Bunny-certified products and extend support to brands that are keeping up with them.

What’s More?

Here you’ll find the scoop on:

BRANDSn Check if a brand is truly cruelty-free or just claims to be? We dig in deep and bring to you the nitty-gritty details.

GUIDE – Basic understandable guide on cruelty free and veganism for the common people like you and I. From what is cruelty-free to how to identify cruelty free products, you’ll be a pro.

PRODUCTS – You shopping buddy, with skincare, makeup, and hair care guide to ethical living.

Why did I start?

I started this blog as I was overwhelmed with all the information out there over the internet. Here my sole motive is to provide a platform for a layman.

It’s just out of animal love and awareness that I discovered this new lifestyle. Since then it had me drawn in. I’ll be sharing whatever I learn along the way & I can’t be more excited about it!

I would love it if you can hang around. 🙂



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