Is Stila Cruelty-Free & Vegan?

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Last Updated on 05/19/2023

Stila has confirmed that it is cruelty-free in 2023. It does not test finish products or ingredients by itself, suppliers or third-party labs, Stila does not sell in countries such as China where animal testing is mandatory by law.


Testing by Brand?No
Supplier/Third-Party Testing?No
Ingredient Testing?No
Finished Product Testing?No
Sells in China?No

Stila was involved in animal testing in the past. But, there were changes to Stila’s testing policy. So what changes and is Stila cruelty-free now? I have all the inside stories stacked for you.

Is Stila Cruelty-Free & Vegan?

Stila Cruelty-Free

Stila Animal Testing

Here is what the brand says about its testing practices on its UK webpage,

At Stila, we do not test any of our products on animals, nor do we ask others to do so on our behalf.

Stila’s US official website does not contain any written statement. Stila does not test its products and ingredients by itself or via any other means.

Cruelty-Free Timeline

Stila has changed hands quite a few times in the past. Many of its bestsellers have been reformulated and discontinued in the process.

The same is true for its cruelty status as well. I don’t have clear information about the cruelty policy Stila followed during its debut years.

The 2010s: During the first half of 2010’s Stila products were sold in China. As we all know imported products can be tested on animals in state-run labs in China.

2017: In 2017, Stila pulled out from China. Shortly after, Stila joined PETA’s cruelty-free campaign Beauty without Bunnies. Currently, Stila is on PETA’s list of suggested brands.

Stila Vegan

Does Stila Test on Animals?

Stila does not test on animals in 2023. It is truly cruelty-free and offers vegan options. However, do note that Stila used to be a non-cruelty-free brand until 2017.

It reminds me of MAC and NARS Cosmetics. Stila mended its ways while MAC and NARS did a U-turn on being cruelty-free. But fast forward to now, neither NARS Cosmetics nor MAC is cruelty-free.

Is Stila approved by PETA?

Stila is approved by PETA and its products carry the PETA’s Global Beauty without Bunny logo. You will find PETA’s logo on Stila’s official website, product page, and of course on its products.

Does Stila sell in China?

Stila products were available in China for the most part of the past decade. However, Stila withdrew its direct selling business from Chinese territory in 2017. Right now, Stila does not sell in Chinese provinces.

Does Stila manufacture in China?

As per our research, Stila products are designed and manufactured in the US. Stila does not make its products in China.

Is Stila Vegan?

Stila is not vegan. Stila offers vegan products such as the Stay All Day Mascara, Shine Fever Lip Vinyl, among others. However, it is not entirely vegan as its products contains animal by-products.

On its official website, Stila broadly says, it doesn’t claim its products as vegan.

We analyzed the ingredients of some Stila products and found non-vegan ingredients. These ingredients are animal-sourced such as lanoline (derived from sheep), carmine (pigment extracted from insects), and beeswax.

Stila Products

Do I recommend Stila?

I do recommend Stila to all beauty geeks because Stila supports animal rights and has gone cruelty-free! It stopped doing active and passive cruelty tests on animals. Moreover, Stila has also shifted to the use of recycled materials for its packaging.

Stila is verified cruelty-free. It is certified by PETA and does not sell in Mainland China. No ingredient or finished product testing is done by the brand, suppliers, and third parties. Although, vegan-friendly but Stila is not an entirely vegan brand.

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