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Is CoverGirl Cruelty Free & Vegan?

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Last Updated on 07/05/2021

“I Am What I Make Up”  – Did that ring a bell? Yeah, you are right. It’s the official tagline of Covergirl. Covergirl is one of the major players of US makeup market. They taught us how to use makeup to express ourselves pushing all boundaries. It is one of the pioneer brands to hire James Charles as their main spokesperson. Also celebrated the beauty with Amy Deanna, the supermodel with vitiligo. Covergirl is also a primark brand to ditch the animal testing altogether. 

“CoverGirl truly believes that cruelty-free cosmetics should be affordable and available to everyone — now it is”

Covergirl Cruelty free or not

Those were the official words from Covergirl when they became Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free. There’s more to Covergirl and it’s new-found cruelty free status. Grab a snack and keep reading!

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Is CoverGirl Cruelty Free? Is it Vegan?


Covergirl – Past & Present

1961 – Covergirl is a US based makeup & beauty brand that came out with medicated makeup products in 1961. The parent brand of Covergirl is Noxzema Chemical Company (aka Noxell). They wanted to make makeup that heals. They used camphor, menthol and eucalyptus in place of commonly used ingredients.

Noxell wanted famous silverscreen stars, contemporary singing sensations and magazine cover models to be the faces of their new makeup brand. That’s why they named their brand ‘CoverGirl’.

1989 – Covergirl was later bought by Proctor & Gamble (1989). Finally it landed on the hands of international cosmetic company Coty Inc. Since, it has endorsed many famous hollywood names like Drew Barrymore,  Taylor Swift, Zendaya, Sofia,  Ellen DeGeneres, Rihanna.

Amy Deanna was their first cover face with vitiligo. Covergirl is also the first multinational beauty brand to employ a male spokesperson (James Charles).

What Covergirl Says about their Cruelty Free Status/Outlook

Covergirl maintains a very informative web page when it comes to their animal testing policy. In their official statement we found,

“COVERGIRL does not test on animals. We officially became cruelty free certified today through Cruelty Free International’s Leaping Bunny certification program, which means all our products and their ingredients you see in stores are not tested on animals by COVERGIRL or its suppliers.”

Under the following tag, the brand mentions why they choose the Leaping Bunny Certification

“The Leaping Bunny cruelty free certification is considered the global gold standard for cosmetics and personal care products. It is the only internationally recognized certification that requires: (i) a supplier monitoring system to be implemented by the brand, (ii) checks for animal testing down to ingredient manufacturer level of the supply chain, (iii) adherence to a fixed cut-off date and (iv) regular independent supply chain audits to ensure compliance.”

As we all know, Leaping Bunny is one of the most trustworthy standards for cruelty in cosmetics. According to Leaping Bunny’s standards, a brand can not be cruelty free if they do any of these three…

  • Animal testing by the company itself
  • Testing by third parties or ingredient suppliers
  • Exporting product to China

Covergirl ticks all these criteria to get its certification.

is Covergirl Cruelty free

Cruelty-Free Timeline – 

Covergirl’s animal testing policy was under the shadow for the longest period of time. They used to run for Chinese revenue like most mid range US based beauty brands. We are talking about the time it was under the umbrella of P&G, a non cruelty-free brand.

2016 – In 2016, Coty Inc. bought Covergirl. From this time Covergirl started to pull out of Chinese retail market.

2018 – Covergirl finally declared they won’t sell in China any more. They also got their Leaping Bunny certification in 2018. Every year they reconfirm their cruelty free status to Leaping Bunny ever since.


Is Covergirl Cruelty-Free?

Yes. Covergirl is a Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free brand since 2018.

Covergirl has gone through a detailed audit by the Leaping Bunny before it got its ‘cruelty free’ recognition. They checked the brand’s manufacturing process, supply chain and distribution network for any tress of cruelty.

Thankfully, they were found satisfactory. That means, Covergirl does not use any cruel means to formulate or test its products. No animal testing is entertained by the suppliers and distributors as well.

Covergirl has pulled off from China. Certainly, there’s no question of mandatory ‘safety’ tests on animals. Moreover, Covergirl recommits to its cruelty free measures to Leaping Bunny.

However, Coty Inc owns Covergirl. Coty is not a cruelty free brand. Due to the fact that it funds mandatory animal testing to grab the market share of China.


Does Covergirl manufactures in China?

Majority of the Covergirl products are made in US. The eye liners, mascaras and a few more products come from their Germany based manufacturing units. As per our knowledge, Covergirl does not manufacture in China.


Does Covergirl currently sells in China?

No. You won’t find Covergirl products in the retail market of mainland China. Regarding their product status at Chinese market, here’s what Covergirl has to say,

“COVERGIRL is not sold in China. When it comes to other brands in our portfolio, we understand consumers’ concerns regarding animal testing in China. .. We continue to be involved in dialogue with the Chinese authorities to find alternatives to their current approach.”

Covergirl used to sell their products in China. This was until its 2016 merger. The merger was with cosmetic giant Coty Inc. In 2018, they decided to stay out of the Chinese market. As a result, gained the Leaping Bunny certification.


Makeup Brands that Test on Animals *2021*

Is Urban Decay Cruelty Free & Vegan?

Is it vegan?

No. Not every Covergirl product is vegan. But, this brand has taken a positive step towards veganism.

From 2019 onward, Covergirl marks their vegan-friendly products to highlight them to the intended users. Many of their formulas still contain animal sourced ingredients like beeswax.

They are in the process of ticking the products with substitute ingredients. Their new launch ranges are mostly vegan. Cream blush, lip oil, mascara, undercover concealer are among their vegan products.

Do we recommend Covergirl?

Yes, we do! Covergirl makes of the best makeup products and that too by cruelty free means. Leaping Bunny is the top grade cruelty free certification program. It certifies some brand after a thorough audit. Covergirl has passed all its crietria and achieved Leaping Bunny certification.

Covergirl is also working toward veganism in its products. Not all the products are vegan still but you’ll find good products in its vegan section.

Just one point of caution here. Covergirl works as a subsidiary of Coty. Coty is a non cruelty free brand that passively supports animal testing to satisfy Chinese cosmetic export criteria. 


5 Highly Recommended Products from Covergirl

Here are some of the popular products worth a shot. These are affordable and work great!

  1. Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

This is a volume boosting mascara. It is always on the bestseller list. The patented formula promises 2X volume with no clumps. This lash separating mascara comes with unique formula which makes your lashes look fuller. And the best part? This is available in 4 different shades! Available at Ulta for $9.99, buy here.

  1. Covergirl Exhibitionist Lipstick

It is shea butter enriched lipstick. This is actually the enhanced version of Covergirl’s old bestseller, Colorlicious Lipstick. The intensely pigmented creamy formula glides like butter. Do check out the creamy, demi-matte and matte colours here.

Currently on Sale at Ulta – $7.99 $4.79 Shop here!

  1. Covergirl TruBlend Matte Foundation

Covergirl TruBlend is a matte foundation is one of the best products from Covergirl. It is a lightweight liquid foundation that is available in 34 shades. Provides smoother finish to your makeup. It is long lasting and blends seamlessly. Currently, one of the best cruelty-free drugstore foundation in the US market.

Shop here

  1. Covergirl TruBlend Undercover Concealer

It is a drugstore cruelty-free concealer available in 30 shades. Did I mention it is vegan?! it is lightweight and provides awesome sauce coverage you’ll love. You can also use it for contour and highlight purpose. Just like the TruBlend foundation, the blending is great and lasts long enough. More so if couple with a good setting spray.


Currently on Sale at Ulta $11.99 $8.39.

Shop now at Ulta 

  1. Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream

This BB Cream is the No.1 bestselling oil control foundation. The light formula gives you the perfect grease free finish that every oily skin babe or bro would love. This super blendable foundation comes in matte and sensitive formulas.

Currently on Sale at Ulta $9.99 $6.99

Buy here.

So that’s all for now. Make sure to check out other amazing articles on Cruelty Free Guide.

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13 thoughts on “Is CoverGirl Cruelty Free & Vegan?”

  1. It is not actually cruelty free if it is not also vegan. Taking anything from animals is cruel. They are not here on this planet FOR US. They are here on this planet WITH US.

    • You’re not wrong. But, personally, I feel going cruelty free is like the “first step” towards saving the animals & the earth. Being vegan is such a great thing to do and equally important. I do look forward to that stage for all of the brands.

      Also, what you said at the end does reflect my personal thoughts. We co-exist with animals, in no way, we, the humans are superior to them. “They are here on this planet WITH US.” So true.

  2. Cover Girl is owned by Coty. Coty sells to China. China requires testing on animals. Coty pays 3rd party companies to test on animals.

    • Agree. They’re owned by an animal cruel company, unfortunately.

  3. No Cover Girl isn’t cruelty free. Since they have a parent company that tests on animals (Coty) they are in fact not due to the association they have with one another.

  4. ive been using cover girl makeup since i was in the 7th grade.
    im now 68, people tell me i look like im in my 50s. ive used noxzema
    and cover girl all these years . LOVE IT , thats all you need. im wrinkle


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