Wet n Wild Cruelty Free or Not?

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Okay so I really didn’t want to do this article. But it’s getting more & more complicated to understand, especially for the end consumers. Is Wet n Wild cruelty free or not? I loved Wet n Wild for the fact that they were drugstore brand cruelty free brand. But hold on, they ain’t Cruelty Free anymore. 🙁

Wet n Wild NOT Cruelty Free?

Wet n Wild not cruelty free

For a quick backstory, it all started when a consumer in Shanghai sent a picture of Wet n Wild selling their products in China.

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I’m not gonna go in the nutty gritty details. But just putting across my opinion on this whole thing.

Wet n Wild still claims to be cruelty free in-spite of the fact that they’re selling in China. They also claim to be Peta approved.

In my opinion, well that’s far from the truth. I’ve few concerns and why I find it hard to trust Wet n Wild again…

They hid selling in China

I really dislike it when brands try to play smart or better put, over smart with their fans and consumers. Reports state that they’re selling in China since last year, 2018. And they hid this fact very well.

Didn’t address the issue immediately

No official statement came up from the brand as this news was spreading like fire.

Claiming they’re Cruelty Free

Wet n Wild claims that they’re not testing their products on animals which can be true. But products being sold in China can be subjected to animal testing as per their law. So while they might not be testing on animals, but someone on their behalf can, as they’re selling in China.

Their is a lot of gray area regarding the animal law in China, especially after the 2014 edit and they’re trying to take advantage of this very fact.

Conclusion: What Wet n Wild is doing as of right now, is trying to have the cake and eat it too. They want the best of both worlds!

As per my two cents, Wet n Wild is not cruelty free currently. I would consider them to be cruelty free only if they wind up from the China market, which unfortunately doesn’t look like the case. Why? Because they’re shoving the lie of being Cruelty Free to their consumers across social media, such as Instagram.

So they’re at a place of denying the truth, far away from accepting and correcting it.

Wet n Wild is NOT cruelty free.

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