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Is Tarte Cruelty Free & Vegan?

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Last Updated on 07/05/2021

Tarte Cosmetics make some of the best makeup you can get at Ulta or Sephora. Today, let’s have a look whether Tarte is cruelty free & vegan. It is a US born brand having a huge fan-base. As a result,  Tarte did spread its wings to Australia, Canada & Europe. This mid-range brand believes in safe skin care.

They are aided by their trademark “high-performance naturals” technology. As a result, Tarte ditched the baddies like ‘parabens, mineral oil, SLS, gluten’ among other. Instead, created its own world of makeup with skin-friendly ingredients. It contains Amazonian clay, minerals, colored clay, etc. Additionally, it is an eco-friendly brand.

They address their consumers as ‘Tartelettes’. Cute, must say! Tarte is often an obvious choice for makeup lovers.

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Does Tarte Test on Animals? Are they Vegan?

Tarte Vegan or not


Tarte Cosmetics – The Background Story

Tarte Cosmetics emerged from the bedroom of a US based psychologist turned cosmetic enthusiast. Let me introduce you to the creators, Maureen Kelly and her first husband.

1999 – It began in search of a simple cosmetic that glorifies the entire makeup look. Kelly created a very innovative cheek stain in 1999. Her first product was an instant hit among masses.

It got featured in many high-so magazine cover pages. Eventually, Tarte came out with more nature inspired products containing good ingredients. Maureen made it a point to avoid harsh chemical preservatives like paraben, artificial fragrance, sensitizing mineral oil and gluten.

2014 – In 2014, 93.5% stakes of Tarte cosmetics was bought by Japanese cosmetic giant Kosé Corporation. Here the main aim was expansion, reaching outside US.

Currently Right now, the brand is working towards all-vegan products with their stunning new innovations.


Tarte Mascara


What Tarte says about their Cruelty Free Outlook?

In the FAQ page of their official website you’ll find:

Tarte Cosmetics is a cruelty-free cosmetics line & has been since 2000! Tarte makeup & skincare is never tested on animals. We are also an approved PETA participant.

  • Both officially & unofficially, they do not test any of their product ingredients. Or finished products for that matter.
  • Neither actively nor passively support animal testing by their suppliers or regulatory bodies in exporting countries.
  • They do not agree with mandatory animal testing practices. That’s the reason, Tarte is not available in China.

Cruelty Free Timeline:

2000 – Just one year after debut, in 2000, Tarte decided to go cruelty-free. They became a PETA certified cruelty-free brand.

2014 – In 2014, popular Japanese brand KOSÉ Corporation bought it from Maureen, Tarte’s founder member.

KOSÉ Corporation is a not a cruelty-free. Hence, there was much buzz and speculations. The question was whether Tarte will compromise its animal testing policies. Thankfully, the owning brand kept Tarte’s cruelty-free status unaltered.

Whether cruelty free or not?

Yes. Tarte cosmetics is a PETA certified cruelty-free brand. They do not take any of their products or their constituting ingredients through the unethical animal testing procedures.

They do not let their suppliers or other governing bodies to test their products by means of cruelty.

Is it made and/or sold in China? 

Tarte does not sell their products in China. However, the parent brand of Tarte, Kosé still tests their products on animals. Kosé follows the third party animal testing whenever necessary.

Is it vegan?

If your cosmetic does not contain anything derived from animal sources, it’s vegan. Wish Tarte had all vegan products in their collection. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Not every single Tarte product is vegan.

They have introduced a ‘Vegan Mark’ in their product list. Therefore, you can easily connect to the vegan products just by their green color vegan mark at the top left of respective items.

In Tarte’s own words:

“Many of our products are vegan – just search for the vegan logo on the product image!”

Why we recommend this brand?

Considering pigmentation, staying power & performance, Tarte products are amazing. You get what you pay for.

Moreover, every product  of Tarte is cruelty free & eco-friendly. It is made with skin-safe ingredients found in nature.

The ethical sourcing policy of this brand adds a new feather to their already stunning product line. The owner brand of Tarte is not cruelty-free. However, Tarte abides by the animal safety measures with grace.

If you are a cruelty free makeup lover, it is one of your best option in the mid-range makeup.


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5 Highly Recommended Products to Shop from Tarte!

1. Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer – I know you saw this coming. How can I miss upon this baby! Currently, Tarte is the bestselling concealer brand here in US. All thanks to this game-changing concealer. It does not settle into your undereyes fine lines and stays put for the day. Offers full-coverage & light-weight formula. Definitely a must-try for vegan beauty lovers! $27 at Ulta!

2. Tarte Lights  Camera 4-in-1 Mascara – I have talked about this mascara before in best cruelty free mascara article. This mascara provides an instant pushed up look. It curls, volumizes & lengthens your lashes. You know what? It is a pure vegan mascara with water-proof & non water-proof options!

3. Tarte Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette – This eyeshadow palette is soooo pretty. I love love love it.. perfect for fall & holiday season. It offers 12 versatile warm neutral eye shades. You get practically every wearable browns combined in a single palette. The mineral pigment and anti-ageing benefits will make you fall in love with it. Do try this one if you feel like.

4. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush – If you always look for seamless blend of color in your blush, Amazonian clay blush will definitely win your heart. The long-lasting formula glides smoothly on your cheeks. It provides that naturally flushed look you will adore.

5. Tarte H2O Gloss – Gloss is my everyday need. Until, it is windy outside! Then, I’m more of a matte lover. It contains benefit of sea minerals & it’s petroleum free. Enjoy your dreamy plump lips with H2O gloss! It comes in 2 finishes – Shimmer & High Shine. Available in 17 shades, priced at $19.00.


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