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Last Updated on 08/10/2022

Hey, I know the heading of this article sounds exciting! We all want glowing skin, don’t we? So, here’s this fact – ‘beauty starts from within’ which means you are what you eat (that doesn’t means that if you eat a potato, you will be a potato, ha-ha!). Everything you eat has a direct impact on how your skin looks. If you have a healthy inner system, you’ll automatically glow! Let’s move on to the list of 10 superfood for glowing skin.

How to get Glowing Skin naturally
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1. Avocados, all times!

It is famous for its benefits for skin. Loaded with Vitamin A, B, C and E, it moisturizes the skin from deep within. It also helps with wrinkles and provides protection from damage caused by sun. It also contains various minerals and healthy fats that prevents acne and gives you glowing skin.

2. But first eat Blueberries!

With loads of antioxidants, blueberries are actually a superfood. They make your skin look amazing if you eat them regularly, packed with Vitamin A, C and E which are all so good for skin, adding them in your diet will do wonders to your skin!

3. Spinach, seriously?

Oh! If you are thinking if Popeye has glowing skin or not? Obviously yes, if he was for real, ha-ha! Spinach is packed with good things like Vitamin A, C, E and K as well as many minerals that helps cure acne and also improves complexion.

4. Walnut? Well!

What else can be better than this! Walnut are full of omega-3 and healthy fats that gives natural glow to your skin, repairs damaged skin and promotes development of new cells. I love munching walnuts in the morning and I have great skin, ha-ha! (I’m kind of self-obsessed)

How to get Glowing Skin
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5. Tangy Tomatoes!

Tomatoes has Vitamin A, B and K that prevents acne and gives a nice glowing skin. It is also loaded with Vitamin C that brightens the skin and acts as a natural sunscreen. Apart from these, tomatoes can also be used as an astringent to tighten large pores.

6. Beat the skin problems with Beet!

Eat it, drink its juice or apply it, it is all good for your skin! It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and iron which gives you a nice pink complexion and glowing skin. It purifies blood that helps in fighting different skin damages like dark circles, acne, uneven skin tone, etc.

7. Delicious dark chocolate

Are you one of those who always have chocolates in your bags or fridge, like always? Well, I am! I just love rich dark chocolate, not only they are tasty but are also good for skin. They improves blood circulation and keeps your skin hydrated, believe it or not! But always keep in mind that the dark chocolate you are eating must have high amount of cocoa (it is responsible for skin improvement).

8. Killing it with Kiwis

A whole package of vitamin C and antioxidants, this fruit is one of the best ingredients to be added in your smoothie! It does wonders to your skin. It gives you a youthful and radiant skin if consumed regularly.

9. When life gives you lemon, take it!

How can I not include this in my top 10 list?! Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C which is obviously good for skin but it also helps our body to make collagens that gives us a youthful and shiny skin. It is also a natural bleach, you can apply it on skin too! It also balances the body pH levels to maintain the good skin structure.

10. Thanks to Turmeric!

Turmeric is a renowned Indian spice. So, all Indian food has turmeric in it (almost all). It has great amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that heals the skin from within. Drink it with milk (turmeric latte, anyone?) or just apply it with gram flour, it will give you a really nice glow.

Here this list ends, but you can comment below your thoughts and also share your experiences with these super foods, if you have any?

Stay beautiful, xoxo!

How to get Glowing healthy Skin
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