Blackhead Remover DIY Remedies

13 Best One Ingredient Natural Blackhead Removal Remedies

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Blackhead can be one of your many embarrassing beauty problems. And there are multiple ways to treat them. Today, I’m discussing 1 ingredient remedies to treat and remove blackheads.

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Since this article is all about blackheads, I would love to add that I’ve personally faced them. They’re gross and I feel I’ve tried everything under the sun to get rid of blackheads. I’ve done tons of research on this topic. Cutting it short, blackhead is different for everyone. It depends upon how far rooted or not they’re.

Some blackhead are just slightly on the top and you can combat them easily. While the one that are deep rooted are real pain. I’ve sort of a mixture. I’m planning to do a separate post about my blackhead routine. But for now, if you’re curious, I use this blackhead scrub, followed by this dissolving cream. Whenever I’m in a rush and don’t have time for my parlor session, this little tool really helps me out.

13 Best One Ingredient Natural Blackhead Removal Remedies

Here our main ingredient is one. Some of them need a supporting ingredient while other may need only water or nothing at all. But our core ingredient is single.

*I recommend you to do a patch test before proceeding as everyone reacts differently to the natural ingredients.

Blackhead Remover DIY Remedies

Let’s dive into Best One Ingredient ..

1.Turmeric is known for its amazing properties such as natural healing. It’s also a beauty ingredient for DIY masks and other such skincare issues like blackheads. You can make a paste of turmeric by dissolving a pinch of it with water. Apply to the affected area and wash or scrub away gently once it dries.

PS: Do keep in mind that Turmeric may cause staining which is natural and goes away eventually.

2. Cinnamon is the next main ingredient. You can use cinnamon paste by using water, lemon or honey. It helps in getting rid of blackheads. Again do keep in mind that cinnamon causes a tinging sensation which is normal but depends upon your tolerance level. I remember using it once as I generally do, but I forgot due to an allergy, I had open pores. As soon as cinnamon hit it, it was a bad burning sensation.

Fortunately, I washed it ASAP and nothing major happened, apart from slight redness which disappeared! Moral is – Don’t be like me!!

3. Baking soda is an inexpensive ingredient easily available in your kitchen. All you gotta do is make a paste with water and apply on to the nose area. Let it dry for few minutes and gently wash off.

4. Use honey on the blackhead prone area and rinse with warm water. Make sure you’re using organic honey for the same.

5. Green tea is also an effective blackhead fighter. You can make a mixture using green tea and lukewarm water. Simply grind some green tea leaves and add water to it. Apply to the affected area for few minutes and rinse off.

6. Mix a few tablespoon of oatmeal with  tomato juice or water. Apply the paste on your blackhead and rinse off later.

7. Mint leaves will help you treat blackheads. You can apply the juice, made by extracting the leaves to the effected areas. Leave it on for few minutes and wash off once done.

8. You can also use Fenugreek Seeds. To use it, soak some seeds overnight. Make a paste of it using water and apply on to your required area. Wash or scrub it off once it dries.

9. Raw milk can be used as an effective remedy for blackheads. You can dip cotton balls in the milk and apply on the desires areas. Wash off after some time.

10. Mix a tablespoon of cornmeal with your usual face wash. The granular particles will will act as a scrub and clean the pores.

11. Make a natural exfoliator scrub using brown sugar and oil. Make sure the paste is thick and granular. Scrubbing helps to remove the dead skin cells and top layer of blackheads.

12. Apply some freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with an additional agent such as tomato juice or egg white. This is because lemon juice is citric acid and can cause a burning/tinging sensation to your skin. So don’t go rubbing lemon to your face, no.

13. Using a cotton ball, apply apple Cider vinegar and wash off with Luke warn water once dried. This helps to clean clogged pores.


• Don’t be harsh on yourself. Give your skin the time to breathe and relax. Don’t slap one remedy after another. (I’ve done it, so ya I know what that feels like)

• I urge you to do a patch test before application and be gentle with your skin.

• Make sure that the water is not piping hot. You need luke warm water.

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