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Is NYX Actually Cruelty Free & Vegan in 2021?

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Last Updated on 07/05/2021

There’s no denying that cruelty-free brands are scarce in the drug-store range. People searching for affordable cruelty-free makeup often lands at NYX Cosmetics. This LA based makeup brand really knows how to make weightless lip creams for everyday use, super pigmented eyeshadow for party parrots or lightweight strobe cream’s for natural glow. All though NYX strongly supports cruelty-free movement hand in hand with PETA, their cruelty-free status still remains one of the most searched questions on the web.


Is NYX Cruelty Free in 2021?


Nyx Cruelty Free Vegan

Want to gain some insights on NYX and it’s cruelty testing policies? Hop on!

NYX- A Brief Retrospection

In 1999, a 25 years old makeup artist named Tony Ko brought NYX Professional Makeup to life. Her main aim was to provide good quality products to common makeup enthusiasts as well as professional makeup artists in an affordable price range.

She tried to bridge the gap between boutique brands and easily available pocket-friendly brands. Though most of us spell NYX as N.Y.X, this name came from the ancient Greek goddess of night, Nyx.

NYX’s first makeup product was their world famous Jumbo Pencils. These eyeliner cum eyeshadow sticks were a huge hit in the US. Later, in 2008 recession period Ko created a strong fan base for Nyx using online beauty influencers.

L’Oreal Acquisition – In 2014, Ko sold her dreamchild NYX for 500 million USD. Later, Nyx started a short term workshop series called ‘masterclass’ to teach makeup lovers & professional artists latest trends and techniques of makeup. Currently, this brand sells in more or less 70 different countries.

Sigh.. *THESE* Makeup Brands STILL Test on Animals in *2021*

I tried NYX Strictly Vinyl Eyeliner – EOTD


What the Brand Says about their Cruelty Free Status?

Here is something NYX Cosmetics has to say about their animal testing status,

“NYX Professional Makeup is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand. We are committed to producing cruelty-free cosmetics. We do not test any of our products on animals.”

I love how clearly they answered all common queries regarding cruelty in just a few words. Right now, in 2021, they are 100% cruelty free as they don’t do animal testing either actively by themselves or passively by third parties.

However they are currently working as an underling of L’Oreal which is a non cruelty free brand. NYX, till now, hasn’t shared anything regarding this crucial point anywhere in their policies.


Cruelty Free Timeline

From the beginning of the last decade, NYX has been actively supporting PETA for their cruelty-free campaign. From 2010 to 2014, their products carried the famous bunny tag given by PETA for participating in Beauty Without Bunnies program. When NYX got their big merger to L’Oreal, the owning brand decided to keep the cruelty-free status unchanged.

is NYX cruelty free vegan

Is NYX Cruelty Free?

Yes. It is. NYX cosmetics does not test any of its product ingredients on animals. This brand does not even run cruelty testing on their finished product by themselves or by any other means of outsourcing.

As a cruelty-conscious person already knows, some countries like China, list animal testing as mandatory disclosure for imported products. This PETA certified brand does not sale their products in such regions.

However, I would like to point at something regarding NYX’s ownership. NYX is acquired by World’s No. 1 makeup brand L’Oreal and I’m guessing everyone knows how shady L’Oreal’s cruelty testing policies are.

Some people consider non cruelty-free brand owned cruelty-free brands as passive exploiter of cruel practices. As a result of which they also ban the latter for good.

I leave this decision to you.

NYX Cruelty free

Is NYX Vegan?

No. You can’t categorize NYX as a truly vegan brand. While some of NYX’s products are 100% vegan, other still contain animal derived ingredients.

In NYX’s official website you will find a separate area for vegan products. Starting from base makeup to eye shadows, loose pigments to setting products! There are enough product to build your complete makeup kit with only vegan products.

NYX Butter Gloss, Lip Lingerie, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Born to Glow… all these famous ranges are completely vegan!

Check L’Oreal Cruelty Free Status here

Wait.. What is the difference? Cruelty Free, Vegan & Organic

Should You Buy NYX Products or Not?

Is NYX makeup worth investing? NYX makes some of the best drugstore VEGAN makeup products and you get them in a never-before kind of price range.

The quality vs. quantity ratio makes many boutique brands run for money as well! The brand itself gained its cruelty-free status after an extensive process by PETA.

But, the only glitch here is NYX’s parent brand L’Oreal. L’Oreal still runs cruelty testing on a huge scale whenever needed. Thus, it majorly depends on your choice if you go for NYX or not.

NYX Eyeliner

5 Highly Recommended Products from NYX

  1. NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation

This is one of the best new-age drugstore foundations that will give flawless base to your makeup. This longlasting formula is available in 45 shades; everyone will get a matching shade. If you want to escape from layers of makeup, this is your best shot for everyday as well as party look.

Price- $15

Shop here

  1. NYX Lip Lingerie

NYX’s Lip Lingerie comes with 24 weightless matte liquid lipsticks. And the best part? They are all nudes! The formula is light and lasts through the day. The extensive shade range has every possible tone of nude you can ever imagine. Do try the reddish brown Exotic and peach nude Seduction.


Shop at Ulta

  1. NYX Makeup Setting Spray

Face getting oily and cakey after makeup? You need a setting spray like NYX Makeup Setting Spray. It makes makeup last through the day, sets base and brings the best out of your highlighter and bronzer. This is available in two finishes, matte and dewy. If you are looking for a cruelty-free dupe for mac setting spray go for the matte one.  

Price- $8.50 mini $3.50

Buy here

  1. NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator

Want to fake a healthy glow? Go for NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator.  Available in four tones this bestselling strobe cream gives you an instant ‘lit-from-within’ finish. 

Price- $7.50 mini $3.50

Buy at Ulta

  1. NYX Micro Brow Pencil

This is a precision brow pencil that coats the thicker as well as finer brow hair to provide perfect natural brow look. The ultra fine tip creates an illusion of micro-brow effect while the creamy formula hides the sparce spaces in your brow. This bestseller brow range has 8 shades to choose from.

Price- $10

Buy at ULTA

Buy at NYX Website

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15 thoughts on “Is NYX Actually Cruelty Free & Vegan in 2021?”

  1. Wait, eyeliner CUM eyeshadow sticks?? Lmao…does that mean what it sounds like…? I know it’s not really made of that lmao, it just sounds weird lol…either way I’m glad Nyx is cruelty free! It’s a great brand too!

  2. Thank you so much for these articles. I am so disgusted at the loopholes and lies these companies tell us and get away with. My hope USB that more people are like me and do a lot of research before they buy a product. I want to know that the products I use are cruelty free and vegan!

    Much appreciated

    • Hi Kelly! Thank you so much for taking out time and leaving this sweet comment. Comments like these really motivate and realize that we’re ACTUALLY making a difference with our small initiative. 🙂 I also hope more consumers, animal lovers, and pet owners become aware of this ugly side of the business.


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