makeup companies that test on animals

Makeup Brands that Test on Animals *2020*

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Makeup testing on animals is a bitter truth. As a matter of fact, another one is that not many are aware of it. Beauty brands use animals to test their new cosmetics. This article is all about the Makeup Brands that test on animals n 2020.

Personally, I dislike the whole idea of animal testing. It makes absolutely no sense. What’s the point of testing the makeup product on an animal? It is supposed to be used by humans, & not them precious beings anyway.

Regardless, it is considered to be one of the safety measures.

Before diving in, here is something you should know.

The practice is commonly known as animal testing or animal experimentation. It is not a new thing in cosmetic industry. Most commonly, vertebrate animals such as rats, cats, dogs, monkeys etc are  used.

The question of concern is how the animals are being treated during or after the testing.

Experimental testings often cause severe harm, extreme pain, suffering and fatal damage to the defenseless animals. At times, these damages go beyond the recovery threshold. Hence, they are often euthanized.

Interestingly enough, cosmetic animal testings are not very conclusive.

What do I mean by this?

The test performances can’t simulate any cosmetic’s effect on human skin.


Because of the differences between the skin of human and test animals.

Thus, animal testing is not a very reasonable/ethical practice when it comes to beauty testing. Some countries have completely banned animal testing. Kudos to them!

Makeup Brands that Test on Animals *2020*

Meanwhile, other countries still rely on animal testing.

Certain countries use animal testing as standardization. Mostly, the beauty companies perform laboratory testing procedures involving animals.

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Now, take a glance at 15 popular skin care & makeup companies which still test on animals in 2020.

Next time you shop, you know which brands to avoid!

Brands that test on animals



Does Aveeno test on animals?

Aveeno is owned by Johnson & Johnson. It promoted their products as ‘good enough’.

But there are reasons to ask if  Aveeno’s animal testing policy is good enough.

Aveeno supports alternatives to animal testing. This initiative is quite appreciative.

Still, Aveeno is not a Cruelty Free brand as they follow mandatory animal testing. It sells in China.


Benefit Cosmetics

People go gaga over their amazing brow tints. Thanks to the naturally-thick brow trend.

Often confused to be cruelty free, unfortunately they are not!

This brand mentions their detest on animal testing. However, you’ll find its products at every Sephora store in China.

Hence, Benefit also goes through the notorious animal testing procedures.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is the next in our non cruelty free makeup companies list. It was established by the famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a ‘prestige’ beauty brand. They talk about women empowerment. It consists of  ‘praiseworthy’ makeup collection.

Currently owned by Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown follows the standard volunteer based testing in general case.


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Clean & Clear

Almost all of us had our own share of acne-prone life! Clean & Clear was our best friend in those days. It is popular for teen-friendly products.

But, not all of us are aware about their testing policy. It is next on our list of brands that test on animals.

It follows the owner brand Johnson & Johnson. So, Clean & Clear also refrains from animal testing. However, they do test on animals if the law says so.


Does Clinique test on animals?

Clinique is a US based brand. Among the first beauty brands to make people believe in science behind beauty. They also popularized skin-type specific skincare regimens.

Established by Evelyn Lauder, the daughter-in-law of Estee Lauder. This brand says they are completely against animal testing.

They don’t conduct animal testing on their own or by means of any other agencies. Instead, they opt for volunteer panels for testing.

Though, the products from Clinique has a provision to be animal-tested where it’s needed by the law.

makeup companies that test on animals



Estee Lauder

Does Estee Lauder test on animals?

Estee Lauder is a multinational beauty company. Came into existence in 1946. It was introduced by entrepreneur Estee Lauder & Joseph Lauder.

This beauty brand eliminated animal testing 30 years ago. But, they agree to animal testing when required by the country’s laws.

Some of their subsidiaries –

  • Aveda
  • Becca Cosmetics
  • Bumble and Bumble
  • Smashbox
  • Too Faced

are PETA certified cruelty-free.

While some of their owned brands do test on animals till date. Includes –

  • Bobbi Brown
  • MAC
  • Tom Ford
  • La Mer
  • Origins, etc



Being a subsidiary of L’Oreal group, Garnier holds no grudge against animal testing where ever needed by the law.

To gain the market shares of China & other countries Garnier products get tested on animals.

Although, the brand does not perform animal testing in-house. But Garnier is available in countries that still mandate on cruel testing processes.


This Estee Lauder Owned brand is one of the hottest face mask makers that has been able to grab 50+ prestigious award.

Nonetheless, they still support animal testing passively. It is done by provisioning animal testing for China.

I do need to mention that they do not animal-test on their own.


LaRoche Posay

This French brand uses revolutionary skin care researches. It produces problem-specific skin care essentials.

It speaks against animal testing by all means. However, their products do go through animal testing to enter into Chinese market.


Does L’Oreal test on animals?

L’Oreal is one of the biggest beauty giants around the globe. Discovered in 1909. They introduced French hair-color. L’Oreal has evolved the makeup, skin & hair care trend through its 100+ years of lifetime.

L’Oreal is an umbrella company. It currently owns several of the well renowned beauty brands.

Some of them are:

  • Lancome
  • Georgio Armani
  • Yves Saint Launrent
  • Garnier
  • Urban Decay
  • IT Cosmetics
  • Essie
  • NYX
  • La Roche-Posay & many more

L’Oreal animal testing policy has undergone changes. Originally, this brand used to test the cosmetics as well as their ingredients.

1979 onward, they developed an alternative for testing – infamous ‘Episkin’ technology. Fortunately, it led to cease of ingredient testing on animals by L’Oreal.

But sadly, L’Oreal still invests in animal testing. They sell in Mainland China where animal testing is mandatory for cosmetics.



Does MAC test on animals?

Did you know? MAC stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics.

Anyway, MAC Cosmetics is also USA based brand. It was established by Toskan & Angelo, 1984.

MAC introduced TV & camera-friendly makeup that pertained to makeup artists.

During the initial years, there was a serious buzz regarding the animal testing policies of MAC.

In answer, they stated MAC does not test on animals on their own. Also, they do not have any animal-testing establishments.

They invest into researches conducted by Institute for In Vitro Sciences to find better alternatives for animal testing.

However, their products get tested in countries where animal testing is mandatory for imported brands.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say – they’re involved in animal cruelty in one way or another.


Maybelline New York was invented by Thomas Lyle Williams, 19. It is a USA based makeup brand which came into existence in 1915. Maybelline began with the revolutionary cake-mascara.

Now acquired by L’Oreal, they apply L’Oreal group’s standard animal testing policies.

They don’t perform animal testing on their own any longer. But their exported products undergo test in some countries. Mostly done where animal testing is a compulsion.



Found by French makeup artist Francois Nars, the makeup brand NARS gained quick popularity.

One of their masterpiece is the Radiant creamy concealer.

This beauty brand used to be completely cruelty free! But in the recent years, NARS changed their policy.

Currently, their products have a provision to do animal test if required by law.



Revlon is a house-owned makeup brand. Launched during 1930’s. This brand has stopped testing on animals by themselves.

But they still export their products to China; where the harsh animal testing measures are applied.


Victoria’s Secret

Are you a fan of their scented lotions and body mists? Well, time to switch your brand.

Similar to NARS, they used to be cruelty free. But decided to drop their cruelty-free tag. Simply done to generate more revenue by selling their products in China.

makeup companies that test on animals

These are some of the popular makeup companies that test on animals. They are non cruelty free beauty brands.

Often times, they appear to be cruelty-free. Instead, they are responsible for makeup testing on animals. So, share this article & spread the word!

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