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Is Dove Cruelty Free? Is it Vegan?

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Last Updated on 06/11/2021

A leading drugstore skin & hair care brand for the longest period of time. Guess who? Dove needs no introduction. Unilever Corporation’s own creation, you can find Dove in more than 80 countries, outside US. This brand always stood tall in the test of time. Embracing one’s inner beauty is the biggest motto of Dove. Let’s take a dig at newfound  Dove’s cruelty free status.

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is Dove vegan

Is Dove Cruelty Free & Vegan?

Dove – A Brief History

Dove started its incredible journey in 1957 in USA. They began with the unique non-dry beauty soap.

Dove’s founders, the Lever brothers, wanted to gift the world a signature soap that moisturizes while cleansing. Remarkable concept, must say!

Anyway, Dove’s soap was a huge success. As a result, they expanded outside US in the 60’s.

Dove has always stood out in the crowd. It is due to its reachability in the mass market.

Dove showed the world how to win the users with unique campaigns. Soap bar became the one product that celebrates the inner beauty without covering the skin with layers of makeup. Dove’s Real Beauty campaign will always be there to encourage women to come out of their shells.

Since 90’s, Dove started venturing in the hair care arena. They introduced their moisture locking cream shampoos and conditioners. Followed by Dove’s body washes, body lotions, deodorants, men &  baby care ranges that came into existence in the new millennia.

animal testing

What Dove Says about their Cruelty Free Status?

Is Dove really Cruelty Free & vegan? Let’s have a look at possibly why Dove isn’t cruelty free. How are they managing to pull the strings?

On the official website, Dove claims:

“Dove does not test on animals. For over 30 years, we’ve used multiple alternative, non-animal approaches to test the safety of our products and ingredients. We have removed all permissions for testing of our products by governments on our behalf.”

In the same page of Dove website you’ll also find,

“We are excited to announce that Dove has been certified as cruelty-free by PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program. And now our products are entitled to carry PETA’s cruelty-free logo from PETA, something we are phasing in across all our packs progressively from next year. Our parent company, Unilever, has announced that it supports calls for a global ban on animal testing, similar to the existing EU ban.”

According to Dove’s official statements on their website and social media accounts, Dove does not test on animals in any step of their manufacturing process. They don’t own cruelty testing laboratories and does not fund animal testing by any means.

Dove is already enlisted in PETA campaign, Currently, they use the PETA bunny on their products.

There is always a ‘however’ when things start to sound too good to be true, isn’t it?

However, their China manufacturing policy is still a game of hide & seek. I will get to that in a bit.

Moreover, Dove’s parent brand, Unilever is still using the passive animal testing measures whenever needed.

is Dove cruelty free and vegan

Cruelty free timeline:

1960 – From the 60’s era, Dove’s market started to expand.

1990 – In 90’s Dove products were there in over 80 countries. Before 90’s Dove never showed much concern or restriction on cruelty testing.

Since 90’s Dove stopped testing their product ingredients and finished products on animals.

2018 – In 2018, they made their policies stricter and joined PETA’s cruelty-free campaign.

So, is Dove Actually Cruelty Free?

For the past couple of years, Dove started to promote their products in completely no-cruelty genre. They declared that they stopped testing on animals. All Dove products now carry the PETA bunny tag, depicting its cruelty free source.

To put a full stop on animal testing on their exported items in China they now opened manufacturing units there.

Does that mean Dove has gone all cruelty-free?

No. Dove’s Chinese range is still bound in China’s hazy ‘post-market testing’. That means China Government can run cruelty tests on their products in case of ‘serious consumer safety concern’.

In this matter Dove says,

“Post-market testing would only be required in the rare occurrence of a serious consumer safety concern. We have requested to the Chinese Authorities that they notify us if there were such a concern, so we can withdraw the product rather than it be Subject to animal testing.”

Is Dove manufactured in China?

Yes. We all know how China makes the best of mandatory animal testing on imported personal care & makeup. But, China’s home-grown products are exception from it.

To stop this third party animal testing, Dove started manufacturing their products in mainland China.

Is Dove currently being sold in China?

Yes. Dove sells their products in China. But, they make the China batches in China manufacturing units to prevent mandatory animal testing.

Is Dove vegan?

No. Dove products have reformulated time & again. But their products are still not 100% vegan.

Certain ingredients of Dove products have animal sources. You can’t call some personal care product vegan until it’s totally free of animal derived ingredients. In this sense, Dove is not vegan.

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Do we Recommend Dove?

Nope. Being owned by a non cruelty free parent company is one thing. Dabbling between cruelty free & non cruelty free is surely another thing.

Dove has taken a serious positive step towards cruelty-free movement by joining PETA’s campaign. It is really appreciative. In legal terms, Dove US can call itself cruelty-free.

However, certain policies of Dove’s China range are still in the grey. So, we leave the final decision to better judgement of yours. However, we don’t recommend Dove.

5 Cruelty Free Dupes of Popular Dove Products:

1. Dove Beauty Bar – Beauty Bar is Dove’s first product. They claim it to be the No.1 bestseller worldwide. Looks like people need to switch to some real cruelty free picks!

Great cruelty free dupe can be UPCircle Fennel Soap Bar. It gently cleanses the skin keeping the moisture level intact.

2. Dove Intense Repair Shampoo & Conditioner – This hair care range aims  to treat damaged & dry hair. But don’t worry! There are plenty of cruelty free shampoo for you to choose from.
Hask Biotin Boost Shampoo & Conditioner can be an ideal pick. The shampoo cleanses the hair & scalp without drying. The conditioner restores the moisture level of your hair.
3. Dove 24hr Odor Protection Deodorant – Like the Dove Deo? It is old news! Here is a list of best cruelty free deodorant with vegan options included.
You can switch to Lavanila Healthy Deodorant. It takes care of your delicate underarm skin without discoloration.

4. Dove Creme Oil Intensive Body Lotion – A hydrating lotion by Dove. Nothing fancy here.

Good cruelty free alternative is Acure Soothing 24H Body Lotion. This Body Lotion nourishes flaky dry skin instantly. It makes the skin moist and smooth to touch. Snag it on Amazon at discount.

5. Dove Dry Skin Relief Body Wash – The newest addition in the Dove family. The body wash from this range is appealing to the consumers. But guess what? You have better choices!

One recommendation is Pacifica Strawberry Peach body wash. You’ll absolutely love the divine smell.

Another one is the Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Body Wash. If you want comfort and care, this soap-free body wash is a nice choice.


Do you have cruelty free dupe of Dove? Share in the comments below!

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