Cruelty free vs organic vs vegan

What’s The Difference Among Cruelty Free, Vegan & Organic?

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Ever wondered what’s the difference b/w Vegan & Cruelty free beauty? f you’re anyone like me..well hey there! The terms – Vegan, Organic, Natural and Cruelty-free often tend to confuse us.

It can be a mind-boggling job trying to decipher the meaning of the labels on your beauty products.  These terms are used interchangeably but they signify different things.

We, as consumers should be aware of what we are using.

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Cruelty free vs organic vs vegan

Basic Difference Among Vegan, Cruelty Free & Organic

It is not compulsory for brands to mention these terms on their products. However, it is compulsory to mention the ingredient list.

These terms are often labelled to attract customers. It makes people more aware of what they are purchasing.

Before beginning, this is the Part 3 of our Cruelty Free Guide. Here, we are discussing the basic difference among Cruelty Free, Vegan & Organic Products!

Organic Products:

Firstly, even the products that label themselves as Organic are not 100% so.

To receive an “Organic label”, there must be at least 95% organic ingredients. A minimum of 70% composition gets a “made with Organic” label.

Secondly, a company needs only  a minor percentage of Organic ingredients to grab the Organic label.

Check the labels to know the percentage of Organic ingredients.

difference Cruelty free vegan

Often, the organic products are manufactured using sustainable resources. They use organically farmed ingredients. These ingredients are not sprayed with insecticides, pesticides or medicines.

Organic products may or may not involve no animal-testing. These products may have animal ingredients. These animals are reared without dependence on artificial hormones and antibiotics.

Organic products are often free from controversial and harsh chemicals like: Parabens, dyes and artificial fragrances.

They may have certain natural or small percentage of synthetic preservatives to prolong the shelf life of the products.


Vegan products are those which do not contain ingredients derived from animals.

The common skin care and cosmetic ingredients derived from animal sources are:

Glycerin, Collagen, Gelatin, Algae extracts, Pearls, Silk, Milk proteins, Retinol etc.

what does vegan makeup means

Vegan products can be tested on animals. Also, vegan products need not be organic and may contain lots of synthetic ingredients. Vegan products are mostly but not always cruelty-free!

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Cruelty Free:

Cruelty-free products can contain ingredients derived from animals. These ingredients could be Honey, collagen, Albumen, gelatin, proteins or cholesterol. In other words, Cruelty-free products are not vegan!

Cruelty-free refers to testing process and not the manufacturing process.

Again, these products can contain harsh chemicals and synthetic derivatives. Cruelty free brands or their suppliers do not they sell in countries like China where animal-testing is compulsory.

Cruelty Free need not be vegan or organic. They don’t test on animals. But they can include or contain animal byproducts.

So if you’re wondering any of these:

Is Vegan product Cruelty Free?

Or is Cruelty Free products Vegan & Organic?

Are Organic products Vegan & Cruelty Free? etc.

Here is a table to get a better understanding.

OrganicNot NecessaryNot NecessaryYesFree of harsh chemicals
VeganNot NecessaryYesNot necessaryFree of animal derived ingredients
 Cruelty-FreeYesNot NecessaryNot necessaryNot tested on animals

Conclusion: A company can highlight certain claims to attract consumers. It is important to look for labels that certify these claims.

The common logos to seek are: PETA, Vegan Society, Leaping Bunny, Choose Cruelty Free and Soil Association Organic Standard.

It is a good practice to invest in brands which are Vegan and Cruelty-Free. After all, the speechless animals have a right to live a good life just like us. There is no fun in using something that has harmed a being in one way or another.

No need to panic and throw out what you currently own! But the next time you go ahead to buy something, make sure it is vegan and cruelty-free or at least one of these.

Wrapping it for now, this is Part 3 of the Cruelty Free Guide. Make sure to catch up with Part 1 & 2 as well!

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