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Last Updated on 05/09/2023

Who owns NARS?

Shiseido owns NARS Cosmetics. It is the sole owner of NARS after the acquisition in 2000, just after 6 years of its launch. However, the founder still has creative control such as copywriting and photography of the brand.

Summary in tabular form.

Parent CompanyShiseido
FounderFrancois Nars
HeadquartersNew York, USA
Country of OriginFrance
Countries/Regions Sold in37
Countries Produced inCanada, US
Parent Company Cruelty-FreeNo
Owner Company VeganNo

Welcome to the series – Who Owns What aka WOW! Today, I got curious about a brand that keeps jumping ship regarding animal testing. Yup, let’s talk about NARS Cosmetics and its ownership. Oh, by the way, NARS is not cruelty-free. Back to our topic, so what company owns NARS?

Who owns NARS? Is the Parent Company Cruelty-Free?

NARS Cosmetics has built a solid foundation in the cosmetics industry over a short period of 29 years. This French makeup brand is well known here in the States and worldwide.

History of NARS

1994: NARS cosmetics was founded in 1994 by François Nars, a young makeup artist. In his makeup and photography career, he had always been dissatisfied with the quality and longevity of studio makeup.

He wanted midrange makeup products to be more versatile. This urge made him create a new range of makeup, under the name of NARS cosmetics.

NARS made its debut in Barneys. Their first product was a 12-shade-wide lip color collection. It was a huge hit among drugstore makeup lovers. They came out with many other makeup items later on.

2000: Shiseido, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, acquired NARS in 2000. However, major creative control still lies with Nars.

What company owns NARS?

Shiseido owns NARS as of 2023 after acquiring the beauty brand in 2000. Shiseido is a huge Japanese beauty brand that is over 150 years old.

It’s the biggest Japanese beauty brand and has acquired many companies over the decades.

Who founded NARS Cosmetics?

François Nars is the creator of the popular beauty brand, NARS Cosmetics. He founded the company in 1994.

Is the Parent Company Cruelty-Free & Vegan?

Shiseido is not cruelty-free or vegan. To say the least, it’s not very “animal friendly”. The parent company participates in animal cosmetics testing for monetary gains.

Where is NARS based?

NARS is a French cosmetics company that started its journey with 12 lipsticks. Headquartered in New York, US, NARS’s origin country is France.

Where are NARS products made?

NARS products have labels stating that it’s made in Canada.

Where are the NARS products sold?

NARS is available in 37 countries and regions. You can find it in America, Europe, and Asian countries such as South Korea, India, and Japan.


Answering some commonly asked questions below.

Who is the CEO of NARS?

Barbara Calcagni is currently the President of NARS Cosmetics in 2023.

Is NARS a luxury brand?

I’ve used NARS in the past and loved its blush. As an ex-consumer, I will say NARS products are of good quality. But NARS is not a luxury brand in the true sense. It’s more of a mid to high-end brand at most.

What does NARS Cosmetics stand for?

NARS Cosmetics got its name from its creator. It is named after the French founder himself. So there isn’t any full form for NARS like MAC Cosmetics does.

That’s a wrap for now. Next, you can find out more about your brands of interest below.

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