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Last Updated on 05/06/2023

L’Oreal is the owner company of Garnier. It acquired Garnier in 1965 for an undisclosed amount and introduced the brand in the US in 1999. Garnier is currently an standalone brand under L’Oreal.


Here is the summary in a tabular form.

Parent CompanyL’Oreal
Founder Alfred Amour Garnier
Country of OriginFrance
Countries Sold InWorldwide
Countries Produced inMany across the world
Parent Company Cruelty-FreeNo
Owner Company VeganNo

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably curious about the ownership of your favorite skincare and hair care brands. As someone who loves trying out different beauty products, I’m always intrigued by who owns what in the beauty space. So this series – Who Owns What aka WOW is dedicated to all of us curious cats. Let’s talk about Garnier and its parent company.

Who Owns Garnier?

Garnier is a popular beauty brand that offers a wide range of hair care, skincare, and hair color products. With a history spanning over 100 years, Garnier has become a household name, known for its affordable and effective products that cater to diverse beauty needs. The brand’s commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing has also helped it gain a loyal following.

History of Garnier

Let’s have a look at some important milestones.

1904: Garnier is founded by French chemist Alfred Amour Garnier, who creates a hair lotion to help women wash and style their hair easily.

1965: Garnier is acquired by L’Oréal, one of the world’s largest beauty companies.

Over the Decades: Garnier expands its product line to include skincare products, such as moisturizers and cleansers.

2021: Garnier goes cruelty-free and no longer tests its products or ingredients on animals. This decision is a significant step towards ethical and sustainable beauty practices.

What company owns Garnier?

The beauty conglomerate, L’Oreal owns Garnier. L’Oreal is a publicly traded company and one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world. The French multinational corporation has a vast portfolio of brands across various categories, including skincare, hair care, makeup, and fragrance.

L’Oreal purchased Garnier in 1965 for an undisclosed amount.

Here is a breakdown in a visual form.

Who founded Garnier?

Garnier was founded in 1904 by French chemist Alfred Amour Garnier. The brand started as a hair care company and expanded to include skincare products and venture into makeup.

Did you know?

The first Garnier product was a hair lotion made from natural plant ingredients.

Is the parent company cruelty-free & vegan?

L’Oreal, the parent company of Garnier, is not cruelty-free. Although it has taken steps to reduce animal testing for cosmetic purposes, it is not cruelty-free. In a nutshell, L’Oreal is neither cruelty free nor vegan-friendly.

Any Previous Owner Company?

No, Garnier L’Oreal purchased Garnier and it remains a standalone subsidiary ever since.

Where is Garnier based?

Garnier was the brainchild of a French chemist. It is a French company that entered the US market in 1999. The company has its headquarters in Paris, and it operates in many countries worldwide.

Where are Garnier products made?

Garnier manufactures its products in various locations around the world. All of its US products are manufactured in L’Oréal USA’s Franklin, New Jersey facility.

Some of the manufacturing sites are in France, while others are in countries such as Germany, Spain, and the United States. It also has manufacturing plants in Asia.

Where are the Garnier products sold?

Garnier sells in many countries worldwide including Australia, the UK, the USA, Russia, India, France, Germany, Italy, and many more. Its products are easily available at several drugstores including Walmart, Target, and Ulta.


Who is the owner of Garnier?

L’oreal is the current owner company of Garnier whereas Alfred Amour Garnier is the founder who created the brand.

When did L’Oreal acquire Garnier?

L’Oréal acquired Garnier in 1965. Garnier is still a part of the L’Oreal family and one of their biggest brands.

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