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Last Updated on 05/26/2023

Galderma owns Cetaphil. It is a popular Swiss pharmaceutical company. Galderma was bought out in 2019 and is the owner company of Cetaphil. Earlier it was a subsidiary of Nestle which acquired it in 2014.


Here is the summary in a tabular form.

Parent CompanyGalderma
Acquisition 2019
Headquarters Texas, US

Country of Origin America
Countries Sold in 70 countries
Countries Produced in Many across the world
Parent Company Cruelty-Free No
Owner Company Vegan No

The TikTok famous brand, Cetaphil needs no introduction. Thanks to its social media popularity, Cetaphil has positioned itself as a drugstore skincare brand that everyone loves. No skincare routine on Instagram is complete without using its cleanser, or moisturizer. CeraVe is another social media cult favorite.

Why mention CeraVe here? Because CeraVe is not cruelty free either and it is often thought of as a great alternative to Cetaphil. Here is more on who owns CeraVe and its background story.

Back to the topic of Cetaphil, let’s explore. Already touched base on Cetaphil vegan policy and its animal testing standards.

Who owns Cetaphil? Is the owner company cruelty-free?

History of Cetaphil

Cetaphil was founded by an American pharmacist in 1947. A Texas-based pharmacist to be precise. Not much details about the founder and the company’s initial days can be found after 75 years of its existence.

Rather more focus is on the products. The first product was its currently popular cleanser under a different name. Cetaphil sells in over 70 countries as of the current year. A timeline is as follows.

1947: Cetaphil emerged as a skincare brand in 1947. It was founded by a Texas-based pharmacist.

The first product was a Cleansing Lotion. It became an instant hit in the pharmacies of the US.

In fact, it is still a worldwide bestseller. Yes, you got it right! I am talking about the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Even after this many years, the brand didn’t change the formula until recently.

2014: Nestle became the sole owner of Cetaphil by acquiring its parent company in 2014. Previously, it partially owned Cetaphil.

2019: Fast forward to 2019, Cetaphil was bought out. Since then, Nestle is not the parent company of Cetaphil anymore.

2023: Last year, Cetaphil celebrated its 75th anniversary. Cetaphil products are readily available in drugstores, and local grocery stores in the US, Canada, Australia among others.

What company owns Cetaphil?

Galderma is the parent company of Cetaphil which was bought out in 2019. Earlier, Galderma was a subsidiary of Nestle which bought it in 2014.

Consumers often get confused about this. At the present, Nestle is not the owner company of Cetaphil. Galderma is the owner.

Did you know?

Galderma was launched as a joint venture between L’Oreal and Nestle. Interested in knowing more about the other company that bought out Galderma? Here is more about Galderma.

Who founded Cetaphil?

A Texan pharmacist discover Cetaphil in 1947. Not much information is available on the founder. The first product was the face wash that now goes by the name of Gentle Skin Cleanser.

Who Owns Cetaphil

Is the parent company cruelty free & vegan?

The Swiss company, Galderma is not cruelty-free or vegan. It has no authorized certification. On the flip side, it is a drug company where testing is more strict.

Galderma also owns other brands such as Alastin Skincare, Differin, and Benzac, among other pharmaceutical brands.

Where is Cetaphil based?

Cetaphil originated in Texas, America. Its headquarter is also in Texas, United States

Where are Cetaphil products made?

Different location batch is produced in different countries. Cetaphil has various production units across the globe. For example, Cetaphil UK products are produced in Switzerland, France, Canada, and Korea.

Where are the Cetaphil products sold?

It is readily available in over 70 countries. You will find it in the markets of the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Philippines, etc.

That’s a wrap. Next, you can find out more about your brands of interest.

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