Are your favorite Brands truly Cruelty-Free?

Popular Brands that ain’t Cruelty-Free

These popular brands are often confused to be cruelty-free. But now you know they ain’t. Although we wish they were actually cruelty-free and vegan, it doesn’t change the reality. Simply put, these brands are still testing on animals in one way or another.

CeraVe Cetaphil Skincare Products

Who Owns What?

I’m confused. Who owns what? Who is the parent company of non-cruelty-free brands? Is the owner company cruelty-free?

We got you! Check out our WOW Guide (see what I did there) below.

who owns Lancome
Who owns CeraVe company

Popular Brands that are Cruelty-Free

Brands that claim to be and actually are cruelty-free.

Is Colourpop Cruelty Free


Is Milani Vegan


Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced

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