Is NARS Cruelty-Free & Vegan?

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Last Updated on 05/10/2023

NARS is not cruelty-free as it is involved in animal testing. This means that NARS products undergo ingredient and finished product testing either by the brand, third-party or suppliers. NARS also sells in countries where testing is required by law.

Cruelty-Free Analysis

Testing by the Brand?Possible
Third-party or Supplier Testing?Yes
Sells in China?Yes
Ingredient Testing?Possibly
Finished Product Testing?Yes



NARS used to be the ultimate brand of choice for cruelty-free makeup lovers. But suddenly, in 2017, it decided to play in the deepwater by expanding to China. Many are still buying NARS in 2023 thinking it is cruelty-free. So is NARS cruelty-free? Or should you bid adieu to NARS Cosmetics? Here’s your answer.

Is NARS Cruelty-Free & Vegan?

NARS Products

NARS was quite popular alongside other brands such as MAC Cosmetics.  NARS and MAC both have something in common. They used to be cruelty-free brands that did a U-turn.

Does NARS test on Animals?

NARS does test its products on animals. Although cruelty-free till 2017, NARS lost its cruelty-free status and entered Chinese market.

Tis beauty brand pays a hefty amount to run its products through animal testing procedures as required by Chinese authorities. Please be aware that NARS parent company is also not cruelty-free.

NARS Animal Testing Policy 2023

NARS gets frequent user queries regarding its animal testing policy. Answering this question NARS says,

“NARS does not test on animals nor do we ask others to test on our behalf, except where required by law.

From this statement, you can easily see that NARS is willing to allow ‘exceptions’ in its ‘no animal testing’ ideals. It used to provide clear-cut denial in animal testing when it was truly cruelty-free.

In 2017, it brought changes to the policy. The one quoted above is its new policy. Here you can see the discrepancy.

At one point, NARS says it doesn’t support animal testing in any form. However, in the same document, it is allowing passive animal testing in the name of law enforcement.

In reality, its products do pass through several animal testing phases in state-run Chinese laboratories. NARS allows and funds animal testing.

Cruelty-Free Timeline

1994: NARS has been a cruelty-free brand for the majority of its lifetime. From its foundation in 1994 to 2017, it was completely cruelty-free. It even made tall claims about its responsibility toward animal welfare.

2017: Suddenly in 2017, NARS changed its cruelty testing policy to get into the Chinese market. In this big flip, NARS’s loyal customers started protesting.

There was even a boycott movement run by ethical makeup lovers. Sadly, nothing could budge NARS. It still chose the money path and still sticks to the non-cruelty-free status.

Is NARS cruelty-free

Does NARS sell in China?

NARS Cosmetics sells its products in China. You can find NARS products easily available in stores. You can buy NARS online as well as offline.

Does NARS manufacture in China?

As per our information, NARS has no manufacturing unit in China. NARS products enter the Chinese consumer market as imported cosmetics.

Is NARS vegan?

NARS is not vegan. It offers some vegan options but many of its products contain non-vegan ingredients such as beeswax, lanolin and more.

NARS products that are free of animal byproducts can’t be considered vegan as NARS still tests on animals.

PS – We do not consider a brand to be truly vegan if it is a participant of animal testing.

NARS Cosmetics Vegan

Do I recommend NARS?

I do not recommend NARS. It is a makeup brand that has shifted from its animal-friendly stance just for monetary benefits. NARS products are not cruelty-free. The brand is simply misleading its consumers by ambiguous statements.

Moreover, it is not a vegan brand either.

Final Verdict – Not Cruelty-Free

NARS tests on animals. It sells in China and also funds the testings.


Is NARS clean?

NARS is not clean as iNARS products contain harsh ingredients and chemicals such as synthetic fragrance. You will find parabens in NARS products that the brand says are added as preservatives.

Is NARS ethical?

NARS is not ethical as it tests on animals and misleads consumers about it. Other ethical standard practices are also not well met by this brand.

Is NARS lipstick vegan?

NARS lipstick is not vegan. It contains animal-derived ingredients.

Is NARS gluten-free?

NARS is not gluten-free. The brand fails to confirm if its products are truly gluten-free. NARS says it is ‘unable to confirm’ if a product is gluten-free because of the multiple ingredients and steps of manufacturing process.

Is NARS blush vegan?

NARS blush, the cult-favorite, is not vegan as it contains animal ingredients.

I’m glad you made it here. If you have a favorite alternative for NARS that you personally adore, share it with everyone in the comments below.

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