Is China Glaze Cruelty-Free or Vegan?

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Last Updated on 05/21/2023

China Glaze is cruelty-free. It is Leaping Bunny-approved. No ingredient or finished product testing occurs by the brand, suppliers, or third party. Also, it does not sell where testing is mandatory by law.


Testing of Finished Products?No
Ingredient testing?No
Testing by the brand itself?No
Third-party testing?No
Supplier testing?No
Available where animal testing is mandatory by law?No

China Glaze is known for its colorful nail paints. With over 300 shades to choose from, it sets the bar high. I know cruelty-free nail polish is not easy to find. While big brands like OPI and Essie ain’t animal-friendly, is China Glaze cruelty-free in 2023?

Does China Glaze test on Animals?

Colorful China Glaze nail polish

Worldwide Cosmetics launched China Glaze in 1988. American International Industries acquired the company in 2005.

The brand is popular in the nail care category and provides nail art, and nail polish, among others. Many love its nail lacquers. All thanks to the affordable price and superb performance.

China Glaze Animal Testing

Here is what it says about its testing policy.

Q: Does China Glaze test products on any animal?

A: No, the brand does not test products on animals. We usually test our products on humans who provide their consent for testing.

Is China Glaze cruelty-free?

China Glaze is cruelty-free. It does not test its products and formulas on animals. Also, it does not sell in countries where testing is compulsory by law. China Glaze is free of harsh ingredients too. It is also free of paraben and gluten.

Is China Glaze sold in China?

China Glaze does not sell in China or any country where animal testing is required by law.

Is China Glaze certified by any organization?

China Glaze is certified cruelty-free by Cruelty Free International. It is Leaping Bunny approved since 2019. However, it is not PETA-certified.

China Glaze cruelty-free

Is China Glaze Vegan?

China Glaze is not completely vegan but many of its products are vegan. You need to check the ingredients thoroughly to confirm that the ingredients are synthetically sourced.

Some of its products contain keratin, carmine, and silk proteins that are animal-sourced and hence non-vegan.

Who owns China Glaze?

American International Industries (AII) is the parent company of China Glaze. It also owns other brands such as Ardell Eyelashes, GiGi, and European Secrets among others.

China Glaze nail paints colorful

Do I recommend China Glaze?

Yes, I recommend China Glaze. I’ve tried a lot of brands of nail polish, and China Glaze is one of my favorites. The color selection is phenomenal, and the formula lasts for a long time without chipping or peeling. Plus, it’s super affordable.

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