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Last Updated on 12/22/2022

Cetaphil is not vegan. Do not get confused. It means that Cetaphil’s products contain animal-sourced ingredients. Cetaphil is not vegan-friendly.

Cetaphil is not a vegan-friendly brand. Do not get confused by ambiguous statements online. Let’s see why is it not vegan.

Is Cetaphil Vegan? Here is why it is not.

Let’s begin.

What does the brand say about its vegan policy?

Nothing can be found on the brand’s official website. But Cetaphil has countries-specific sites. Earlier, there was a statement that said all of its products are vegan other than the Gentle Bar as it has sodium tallowate.

Is Cetaphil vegan-friendly?

Cetaphil is not vegan. This implies that Cetaphil’s products contain animal-derived ingredients. As an ethical consumer, we urge you not to support a brand if it supports animal testing. Those companies are not authentically vegan-friendly.

Why is Cetaphil not vegan?

Here is why Cetaphil can’t be classified as vegan.

1. Cetaphil tests on animals. Even the parent company of Cetaphil is not cruelty-free. Here on Cruelty Free Guide, a brand can’t be vegan if it is not animal-friendly.

2. Its products contain animal-derived ingredients. It claims to produce some vegan products. But we went through the ingredient list and found non-vegan ingredients present.

3. The brand doesn’t tag its products as vegan. So there is no way to know if the product is actually vegan or not. There can be hidden animal-based ingredients. Hidden animal fats are more common than expected.

For example, Glycerin can be animal or plant-based. Until the brand mentions how it sources its ingredients, there isn’t a definitive way to know. Generally, more information is provided alongside the ingredient, particularly if it is vegan-sourced. An example of vegan glycerin is soybean derived and animal glycerin is tallow.

4. The brand is not certified by the Vegan Association and lacks any authorized logo.

Cetaphil Vegan Products

The brand says all of its products are vegan other than its Gentle Cleansing Bar as it contains sodium tallowate. Sodium tallowate comes from tallow. Basically, it is animal fat. Cow, pig, goat, and even horses are used for the extraction.

None of the Cetaphil products are vegan. Some of its products contain Polyglyceryl-3 Beeswax. It is commonly known as Synthetic Beeswax. So is it vegan? It should be. Most synthetic beeswax is vegan. But not always. No additional information is provided by the brand in parenthesis alongside the ingredient. Clearly a lack of transparency.

Cetaphil Vegan Alternative

1. Gentle Cleanser – Ceramedx Gentle Foaming Wash or Pacifica Collagen Cleanser or Derma E Face Wash. Here is an array of vegan face wash to choose from as per your need.

2. Hydrating Moisturizer – Cermedx moisturizer is a popular vegan alternative. Here are more moisturizer to choose from.


Is Cetaphil vegetarian?

Cetaphil is not vegetarian. It is because it contains animal fats. There is no clear Cetaphil animal ingredient list. But the uncertainty of sources of ingredients such as glycerin makes it unclear.

Also, the company itself mentions using tallow, an animal ingredient. There is also the presence of synthetic beeswax, another questionable ingredient. To summarize, Cetaphil is not a vegetarian brand.

Is Cetaphil eco-friendly?

Cetaphil is not eco-friendly. However, the brand is improvising. Cetaphil promotes recycling and offers recyclable packages. So count it as steps toward being environmentally friendly.

Is Cetaphil sustainable?

Cetaphil launched its Clear Skies Initiative Program in 2021. The focus is on recycling and refilling products. Cetaphil’s parent company mentioned reducing carbon print and improving biodegradability.

Is Cetaphil paraben free?

Cetaphil products went under reformulation recently. Earlier, Cetaphil cleanser had parabens used as preservatives. However, due to the formula change, the ingredients are ‘clean’ now. Some of the products are free of toxic ingredients such as parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, etc.

Is Cetaphil clean?

Some of its products are free of toxic ingredients. But as a whole, Cetaphil is not a clean brand. Gentle Skin Cleanser, Daily Facial Cleanser, and Moisturizing Lotion are some of the products that went under the formula change.

Is Cetaphil bar soap vegan?

No, the Bar Soap is not vegan as it contains animal fat. It is not vegetarian either.

Is Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser vegan?

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser is non-vegan. It contains glycerin that can be animal-sourced. The brand lacks transparency here. Also, no vegan logo is there on the package.

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