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CeraVe is NOT cruelty free. They are an active/passive participant of animal cruelty. CeraVe is involved in testing of products on animals. Let’s dig in deep.

Is CeraVe Vegan?

Taking care of sensitive skin has never been an easy task. Ceramide-based skincare line, Cerave made it easy for many. Cerave provides luxe-effect skincare at a drugstore price. This fragrance-free ingredient-based brand already has a huge audience. Now, Cerave is the go-to solution for many skincare junkies.

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Every cruelty-free & vegan lover would want this to be as ethical as possible. However, this L’Oreal owned brand could not stay committed to animal safety.


is Cerave Cruelty Free


Yes, Cerave supports cruelty! Cruelty in cosmetic manufacturing takes various forms. Some brands test their products and ingredients in the lab. Mostly on rats & chimpanzees to ensure the ‘safety’ quotient of the products. Others choose the way of animal testing just for the sake of business market expansion in China.

Cerave is among the later ones. As a consumer, you should know what happens in the manufacturing and marketing end of your favorite products. Here are my two cents on this brand & its progress in the cruelty domain!

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Cerave – Past & Present

2005: In 2005, CeraVe started its journey with just 3 dermatologists formulated skincare products: – a cleanser, moisturizer & cream… These were all for CeraVe’s initial product catalog. Cerave wanted to stun people with filler-free skincare formulas with ceramide.

Their products were instantly loved by people, especially the netizen society, just because of their sheer simplicity and effectiveness. Initially, Reddit’s skincare forums brought this brand to light. People with sensitive skin started threads after threads to praise this brand.

Eventually, CeraVe started expanding its basic skincare line to include sunscreens, niacinamide range, salicylic acid range, etc.

Currently: CeraVe is one of the fastest-growing drugstore skincare lines in the US. Dermatologists all over the country adore and recommend this brand from drugstores. Right now, this brand is owned by cosmetic giant L’Oreal Corporation.


Cerave Cruelty Free or not

What does Cerave say about their Cruelty-Free Outlook?

A quick scan of their testing policy page on their website & you would come across this:

Today, L’Oréal no longer tests its ingredients on animals and no longer tolerates any exception to this rule. Certain health authorities may nevertheless decide to conduct animal tests themselves for certain cosmetic products, as it is still the case in China.

Cerave’s official statement is similar to many other L’Oreal owned brands. It is full of misguiding words regarding cruelty. It will make you think of CeraVe as a big hater of animal-based cosmetic testing.

Once you dig deeper into their statement, you’ll find they are willing to allow animal tests if it comes as a mandatory procedure.

As you may know, China and some other countries follow this procedure. Cerave funds animal testing in some manner.

Cruelty Free Timeline

Initially: There is not enough information to comment on Cerave’s animal testing practices during the initial years.

2017: In 2017, the brand was acquired by L’Oreal, a non cruelty-free cosmetic brand. L’Oreal took CeraVe to Chinese markets afterward. Cerave started funding for mandatory animal tests run by Chinese Governments.

It was never really a vegan brand. It still uses animal-derived ingredients in its products.

Now: They recently made a statement saying their products will be completely vegan by 2022.

Is Cerave Cruelty Free?

Sensitive skin? Ceramide-based, Cerave gives you luxe-effect skincare at a drugstore price. Cerave is not a cruelty free brand.

Though they claim their products are not tested on animals, Cerave and its owning brand L’Oreal sells their products in China as imported cosmetics. According to Chinese law, imported personal care cosmetic has to go through safety tests performed on lab animals. Exceptions are there for general items according to the new Chinese law but post-testing is still a possibility.

Brands have to fund state-owned Chinese laboratories for such tests. Cerave products, like many other L’Oreal owned cosmetic products, get animal tested in those third-party laboratories.

Does Cerave manufacture in China?

No, not manufactured in China. Their products are imported to China. That’s why they get tested using animals as test cases. China does not mandate animal testing on its homegrown products.

Does Cerave currently sell in China?

Yes. In a Chinese market study, L’Oreal found out how much love CeraVe gets from there. As it was unavailable in stores, Chinese people were paying hefty amounts of overseas shipping. Everything was just to get a hands-on experience of their favorite CeraVe products.

L’Oreal promptly decided to sell this high-demand brand on the retail market of China. Cerave products are now widely available in mainland China, greater China. L’Oreal sells it there at a higher price than in the US.

Cerave is available in Brazil too. Just like China, Brazil also mandates animal testing for imported skincare and cosmetics.



Is it vegan?

No. Not all products from Cerave are vegan. Some of their products have animal by-products such as sheep’s wool. US and Canada product list includes these animal-derived products.

So, their products are not 100% vegan as of now. However, the brand said they are working towards veganism. By 2022 they will replace all their ingredients with vegan substitutes.

Do I recommend Cerave?

No. The owner of this brand is one of the biggest non-cruelty-free makeup and skincare conglomerates, L’Oreal.

Cerave also allows third-party testing on their products to get into the market of China and Brazil. Their products ingredients also have a high chance of being tested on animals.

Plus, Cerave products are not vegan or free from mineral oil. Is there a need to say more?


is Cerave vegan

Alternatives to 5 Highly Recommended Products

Here are some of the alternatives to try instead of this brand.

1. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

This ceramide-based moisturizer is the reason behind Cerave’s immense popularity. Sadly, this ‘cream in the tub’ is neither cruelty-free nor vegan. East or west Ceramedx Ultra-Moisturizing Cream is so far the best alternative!

Yes, this is the best dupe I found for Cerave cream. Cerave uses petroleum jelly which does nothing to your skin in the long run.

Ceramedx comes with natural oils of apricot kernel, almond & nut. It heals the skin’s natural barrier and protects it from harsh weather, prevents clogging of pores, and soothes skin.

2. CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

A face cleanser that is suitable for dry & dehydrated skin. I find Derma E Sensitive Skin Cleanser to be equally effective & moisturizing. Derma E products are cruelty-free and free from common allergy-causing chemicals. Do check out this sensitive skin cleanser for the irritation-free nourished glow.

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3. CeraVe Skin Renewing Cream Serum

People believe anti-aging creams are bound to have animals by-products such as retinol just like this Cerave one. But let Andalou Naturals Cell Revitalize Serum prove everyone wrong!

This face serum contains Andalou’s innovative fruit stem cell actives derived from apple & grape. It corrects uneven skin, sun damage, and the early appearance of wrinkles. Cheers for this bunny-friendly vegan repairing serum.

4. CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion

Every Cerave lover seems to like this niacinamide and hyaluronic acid-based moisturizer for its hydrating properties. Sadly, this lotion can’t protect innocent animals as it protects your skin. Plus, this one is not vegan. I recommend Pacifica Youth Day & Night Face Cream instead.

This amino acid and antioxidant-filled lotion is feathery light on the skin, good for your pocket, and great for the bunnies! You do get an additional SPF of 18 with this gentle hydrating cream. Are you in?

5. CeraVe Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 Face Lotion

Mineral sunscreen plays an important role if you are on chemical exfoliants and a powerful anti-aging skin regimen. If CeraVe’s Hydrating Sunscreen allures you, the Alba Botanica’s Facial Sunscreen SPF 30 is going to be the best cure.

Unlike Cerave, this mineral-based facial sunscreen does not have cruelty in its backend. Alba Botanica sunscreen is both vegan and coral reef friendly. It will protect you from greasy cast and sunspots as well!


That’s all for now. If you have a favorite alternative product or a better Cerave dupe, share in the comments below!

CeraVe is not cruelty-free in 2022. Owned by L’Oreal, CeraVe is still doing animal testing just like its parent company. They have some vegan products but CeraVe is not an entirely vegan-friendly brand.

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