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Last Updated on 12/29/2022

Long answer short, Aveeno is not cruelty-free. It has been selling in China since 2013. Aveeno funds the animal-based testings generally done by third-party laboratories.

Aveeno is popular for its oat-based skincare. People with problematic skin often find solace in its products. But how ‘animal safe’ is it? Does Aveeno test on animals? You should be aware of all the inside facts about Aveeno’s animal testing practices.

Aveeno Cruelty Free

Let’s find out.

Is Aveeno Cruelty-Free

Aveeno – History

Aveeno found its name in the scientific name of common oat i.e. Avena Sativa.

It is always interesting to know about the brand in question. So let’s have a look at the History of Aveeno together.

1945 – Aveeno is an American brand founded in 1945. It was discovered by two brothers, Albert and Sidney Musher. Its first product was the Soothing Balm Treatment.

Rydelle Laboratories manufactured Aveeno at that time. It was a subdivision of S. C. Johnson & Son.

1999 – Aveeno was acquired by an American pharmaceutical company.

2001 – Aveeno branched into the Baby category.

Over the years – It continued to expand into different segments such as anti-aging skincare, and facial products among others.

2021 – Aveeno spray sunscreen was recalled in the US due to a questionable ingredient for safety reasons.

2023 – Aveeno hasn’t made any significant changes yet towards being animal-friendly.

Aveeno Body Lotion

Animal Testing Policy

You can find the animal testing policy on its official website. The statement is full of filler words. The brand tries to convince consumers about Aveeno’s stance on how it tests only when mandatory. It also focuses on finding effective alternatives to animal testing.

“AVEENO® doesn’t conduct animal testing of our cosmetic products anywhere in the world, except in the rare situation where governments or laws require it. At AVEENO®, we won’t ever compromise on the quality or safety of our products or stop seeking alternatives to animal testing.”

From the country-specific official sites, it is still the same.

Our products are not animal tested, with the rare exception when it is required by law.

The harsh truth is Aveeno agrees to test its finished products on animals. It doesn’t run these tests by itself. The third-party laboratories authorized by the Chinese government test the products.

The brand lacks transparency and doesn’t provide enough information on how the individual ingredients are tested by its suppliers.

Find more – Know about animal testing in cosmetics and cruelty-free definition in simple words.

Cruelty Free Timeline

1945 – Not enough data on testing during its launch.

I didn’t find enough information on Aveeno’s testing policy during the initial years of launch. We did reach out to the brand but didn’t hear back. Understandably so.

1999 – Aveeno got acquired in 1999 by a non-cruelty-free MNC.

2013 –  In 2013, Aveeno expanded into the Chinese market. Officially becoming a non-cruelty-free brand.

2023 –  Currently, it supports animal testing and sells in mainland China.

Who is the Parent Company?

Here is who owns Aveeno and everything you need to know about its parent company as an ethical consumer.

(I don’t want to reiterate and make it longer than needed. Hope you understand.)

Is Aveeno Cruelty Free?

Aveeno is not cruelty-free because of two reasons.

Firstly, it allows its products to get tested on animals which is a necessary step for some countries. Aveeno mentions this fact clearly on its official website.

The other thing is, that Aveeno sells its products in countries where animal testing is a mandate rather than a choice.

Does Aveeno manufacture in China?

Aveeno’s US range comes from its Canada manufacturing unit. It manufactures its Asian range in South Korea.

As per the sources, Aveeno has no manufacturing facilities in China. It enters the Chinese market as an imported brand.

Does Aveeno sell in China?

Yes, Aveeno is readily available in China. It started selling in China in 2013.

Initially, Aveeno was available offline through China’s famous Tmall. Currently, you can buy Aveeno products in China through its official online shop and various offline stores.

Is Aveeno vegan?

Here is why Aveeno is not vegan with vegan alternatives.

Is Aveeno Natural?

Aveeno promotes its products as natural. Sadly, many ingredients are chemically sourced. Aveeno is in PETA’s brands to avoid list.

Some Aveeno products contain petrolatum. This mineral oil derivative is tagged carcinogenic by the European Union cosmetic safety division. Also, EWG has given a safety rating of “moderate hazard”.

Skincare Brands to Avoid

These brands are not cruelty-free and still participate in animal testing.

Do I recommend Aveeno?

No, I don’t recommend Aveeno because it is not animal-friendly. Aveeno products are tested on animals as it enters the Chinese mass market. China’s policy requires animal testing on cosmetic products such as skincare to ensure the safety of consumers.

Alternatives to Popular Products

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

One of the most hyped body lotions. I’m here to recommend you some alternatives!

If you’re looking for a soothing day cream for troubled skin, Acure Seriously Soothing Day Cream can be your solution. It is one of my favorite Amazon finds. It has good ingredients like rosehip, sunflower & chamomile. Gets gets rid of dryness. Works for rosacea-prone skin. Also paraben free!

Alba Botanica’s Emollient Unscented Lotion is also a great alternative. Unlike Aveeno, Alba Botanica is a cruelty-free and vegan brand. Instead of harmful mineral oil, this lotion uses natural emollients.  – such as shea butter, avocado, and jojoba oil. It is fragrance-free and non-greasy!

2. Protect + Hydrate Face Sunscreen Lotion

Try Kiss My Face and Supergoop. Both these sunscreens are 100% safe and provide broad-spectrum sun protection. Your skin stays protected from sun rays and harmful parabens or phthalates. You can enjoy your beach holidays with these without harming coral reefs.

3. Aveeno Foaming Salicylic Acid Cleanser

Milk Makeup Vegan Facial Cleanser is your best shot at salicylic acid-based peeling cleansers. It is vegan and artificial fragrance-free.

You can check other cruelty free and vegan face wash options here.

4. Aveeno Dermexa Emollient Cream

Derma E’s Psorzema Cream is a nice emollient cream for common dry skin issues like eczema and rosacea. It has neem, burdock, and bearberry extract. You can try it alongside Derma E’s Psorzema Body Wash for redness and itch-free skin.

5. Aveeno Micellar Gel Cleanser

Micellar Water is fuss-free. Garnier Micellar Water is a great affordable alternative. Check out our Makeup Remover Guide with many cruelty-free and vegan micellar water, makeup melting balm, cleansing oil & wipes to pick from.


Currently, Aveeno tests on animals in 2023. It is available in China where testing is mandatory.

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