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International Animal Liberation Day signifies animal rights and welfare importance. Explained meaning, date, reason, how to celebrate, history and more.

Date10 December 2023
Started ByUncaged Campaigns
Started in1998
International Animal Rights Day

What is International Animal Rights Day?

Animal Rights Day is an annual event celebrated to spread awareness regarding animal ethics, compassion and humane treatment of animals. The core theme is animal rights and welfare.

The Animal Rights Day is also called Animal Liberation Day, Non-Human Rights Day, Ethical Treatment of Animals Day, Sentient Beings Rights Day, and Living Beings Rights Day.

Animal Rights Day emphasizes animal issues like cruelty to animals, animal testing, meat consumption, fur usage, animal abuse, and intensive animal farming.The annual event highlights the widespread human practices of consuming, misusing, mistreating, exploiting, and euthanizing animals.

International Animal Liberation Day is a global event celebrated worldwide. Non-Human Rights Day declares that animals are also entitled to freedom, justice, respect, dignity, integrity, fairness, compassion and equality.

When is Animal Rights Day?

International Animal Liberation Day is observed on 10 December every year. Non-Human Rights Day 2023 marks the 26th annual celebration of animal sentience.

Animal Rights Day Slogan

Why is Animal Liberation Day celebrated?

Sentient Beings Rights Day is celebrated to draw attention to animal exploitation and abuse across different industries such as food, fashion, clothing, cosmetics, medicine, household products, manual labor, entertainment among others.

Statistically speaking, over 51 billion animals have been abused in the food industry in the US in 2023.

Animal Rights Day is celebrated because of the following two reasons.


Animal sentience is the capacity of animals to experience feelings, sensations, and subjective experiences. It encompasses the ability of animals to perceive and be aware of their surroundings. Sentient animals possess a level of consciousness that goes beyond mere reflexes or automatic responses.

Living Beings Rights Day asks the society to recognize animal sentience and stop animal abuse.


Speciesism means discrimination based on species. It refers to treating one species as morally superior to another. Speciesists believe in justifying the discriminatory behavior. Term ‘speciesism’ was coined by Richard Ryer in 1970.

The fundamental principle of the event is that animals are entitled to basic rights, like humans.

How is Non-Human Day related to Human Rights Day?

Animal Right Day is purposely celebrated on the same day as Human Rights Day. Both the events are observed on 10 December. The coincidence is done to enforce the belief that animals deserve the same dignity, justice, respect and  ethical treatment as humans.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was announced in 1948. After fifty years, marking December 10th as International Animal Liberation Day was an intentional decision of Animal Rights supporters.

Animal Rights Day Protest

How can you participate?

To participate in International Snetient Beings Rights Day activities, follow these 12 ways mentioned below.

Adopt Ethical Standards

Celebrate Animal Liberation Day by going cruelty-free, plant-based, vegan or vegetarian. Adopt ethical ways of living either partially or completely.

Reduce Animal Products Consumption

End consuming animal-derived products such as fur, eggs, meat, milk, honey, beeswax, among others. Choose animal-friendly cosmetics, fragrance, household products, clothing and food.


Volunteer with local NGOs, animal rescue, and animal rights organizations. Spread information via animal shelter assistance, awareness stalls, remote volunteering, and tutoring.

Join Candlelight Vigil, Protest, March

Animal Rights activists and groups hold peaceful protests and marches to raise awareness among locals.

Social Media

Reach a wide audience using social media to raise awareness about Animal Rights. Write articles online and educate others.

Enquire Companies

Enquire companies, brands and sellers about ingredients, formulation, and manufacturing. Email brands or reach out on socials. Choose cruelty-free and vegan alternatives.


Learn about animal issues and educate others alongside. Talk to kids about animal sentience to build compassion and empathy from an early stage.

Sign Petition

Sign petitions online or offline to enforce Animal Rights. Cruelty-Free Guide did a petition asking L’Oreal to stop animal testing for cosmetics.

Donate or Fundraise

Support Animal Rights Groups financially. Donate to animal shelters and rescues. Fundraise >is another way to help monetarily.

Foster Animals

Adopt or foster animals. Stop buying animals. Support shelters and rescue organizations.

Boycott Animal Cruelty Supporters

Stop purchasing and supporting brands that indulge in cruelty to animals in any way.

Join Our Community

Bookmark Cruelty-Free Guide where we spread awareness regarding the ethical ways of living. Join us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to learn about animal rights.

Animal Rights Day Quotes Slogans
Animal Rights Day Quotes
Animal Rights Day Quote

Animal Liberation Day Quotes and Slogan

Quotes are share above. Slogans are mentioned below.

Put the Kind Back in Mankind

History of International Animal Rights Day

International Animal Rights Day was started on 10th of December 1988. The date  coincides with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights anniversary.

Who started Animal Rights Day?

The Animal Rights group, Uncaged started Non-Human Rights Day in 1998

What are other important Animal Events?

Other important Animal related events are as below.

  1. Animal Welfare Day
  2. Animal Rights Awareness Week
  3. World Wildlife Day

Which country gave rights to animals?

Ecuador is the first country to give legal rights to animals. Ecuador is a South American country that gave rights to wild animals in March 2022.

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